Amethyst Stone

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Amethyst, Healing Crystals

This semiprecious quartz stone can be found in colors ranging from pink-toned violet to a rich purple. This beautiful stone has been used since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece and was believed to help prevent intoxication and indulgence. The amethyst stone has also long been associated with royalty. Its visual appeal has stayed consistent through time, and continues to be the most popular quartz stone in fine jewelry. Fine jewelry collectors and gem enthusiasts are constantly on the look-out for deep and vibrant purple amethysts, which are special finds.

Amethyst crystals have had significance for healing in many different cultures, and many people still use this stone as a personal talisman. In contemporary use and practice, people use amethyst stones to calm the mind and give clarity and freedom from negativity and unhealthy attachments. It also serves as a source of comfort for those grieving the loss of loved ones.  

Whether you wear the amethyst as a crystal for healing or not, it is a gorgeous stone that is representative of deep intelligence, wisdom, strong creativity, and passion. In fact, the amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine and represents faithful love. Lovers and collectors would look for amethyst stones with strong depth of color, possibly with red flashes.

Vibrant purple amethyst rocks are as attractive as jewelry as they are in meaning. See how they can be set in gold to look more ornate, formed into a pendant over your heart as a symbol of personal growth, or contrasted with sterling silver to bring beauty to everyday pieces like stud earrings. Well-cut amethysts speak for themselves, and our collection of deep purple amethysts will surely make an impression on you. Visit our store or check our online gallery to appreciate the work we do with this wonderful stone.


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