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The Iconic Diamonds of an Iconic Hollywood Couple

When it comes to famous loves that are synonymous with famous diamonds in popular culture, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship is definitely one of the most high profile. They fell in love on set of the movie, Cleopatra, and the world followed the ups and downs of their real-life love from then on. They... [...]

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Amethyst: The February Birthstone

The February birthstone is just as stunning as January’s. Amethysts are violet colored quartz, and this popular gemstone comes in a range of color from light lilac to a dark royal purple. It is often seen in jewelry pieces cut in a multifaceted fashion to show off the different depths of color that one gem... [...]

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Garnet: The January Birthstone

Is it just us, or does there seem to be an unusual amount of birthdays in January? For all you January babies, let’s chat a bit about your birthstone - the garnet. This deep colored and multifaceted gem has such fitting symbolism to begin a new calendar year. The garnet represents both regeneration and stability, which is perfect... [...]

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How to clean Diamond Rings

This blog post provide instructions on how to clean diamond rings. PRECAUTIONS: (PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING) DO NOT CLEAN ANY POROUS OR ORGANIC JEWELRY  (such as pearls, turquoise, opals, amber, etc…) If you are uncertain please give us a call or you can bring it in for us to clean for you) Make sure the... [...]

Terry Leung|May 8, 2015|Write Comment
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