Aquamarine Band Vancouver

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

This month’s birthstone, the aquamarine, holds a special beauty to us as Vancouver locals. The name comes refers to water and to the ocean, which we are lucky to have as a part of our city’s landscape and beauty. Aquamarines rare usually a light blue but can be found in light blue-greens as well. As... [...]

Engagement Rings for Men Vancouver

Contemporary Men’s Wedding Bands

We have talked a lot about some truly beautiful engagement rings, but we love designing custom wedding bands for grooms just as much. Creating something simple, classic and that perfectly complements the bride’s engagement and wedding rings is a creative challenge we love. It is often surprising for men to realize they do actually have... [...]

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5 Unique Colored Diamond Rings

We have really enjoyed talking about iconic jewelry from iconic couples so far this month and hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Today we are going over some examples of some of the most beautiful colored diamond rings. Celebrity couples consistently turn to colored diamonds as a way to make their engagement ring unique and personal. Of... [...]

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krupp diamond

The Iconic Diamonds of an Iconic Hollywood Couple

When it comes to famous loves that are synonymous with famous diamonds in popular culture, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship is definitely one of the most high profile. They fell in love on set of the movie, Cleopatra, and the world followed the ups and downs of their real-life love from then on. They... [...]

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Amethyst: The February Birthstone

The February birthstone is just as stunning as January’s. Amethysts are violet colored quartz, and this popular gemstone comes in a range of color from light lilac to a dark royal purple. It is often seen in jewelry pieces cut in a multifaceted fashion to show off the different depths of color that one gem... [...]

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