Lifetime Favourites & Phase Jewelry

Our personal style is an area where we see some aspects that will never change (for example, always defaulting to black, or always going with the most comfortable) while many others do shift (wedge sneakers every day for a year and then never again, or changing hairstyles). Jewelry and accessories are a big part of... [...]

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3 Ways to Save Time & Energy As A Shopper

Now that we are entering the holidays, we are all thinking about thoughtful gifts and researching to make sure we are making wise decisions about the things we are choosing to purchase for ourselves and for our loved ones. Buying fine jewelry is a definite investment, so we thought we would share three ways to... [...]

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Jewelry Etiquette: Know the Rules to Break ‘Em

We live in a culture where, when it comes to style, anything goes. However, it’s helpful to know how to dress appropriately for different professional, social or cultural events so that you can make intentional and thoughtful choices. Just like with attire, there is also social etiquette for how to wear jewelry that you may... [...]

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Drink Up: History of the Cocktail Ring

The Art Deco love holds strong as the resurgence of The Great Gatsby’s popularity in recent years makes way for upcoming Zelda Fitzgerald films. Zelda was a beloved style icon who was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, two cultural figures who personify the flapper generation of the 1920s. This period is continually looked to for... [...]

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Topaz & Citrine: The November Birthstones

We admit it. We’re maximalists. Yes, quality over quantity is our core philosophy, but the only thing better than one high quality gem is multiple high quality gems, right? Plus, this month, November babies are so fabulous that they are represented by not one but two gorgeous gems. It is common for months to have... [...]

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