Drink Up: History of the Cocktail Ring

The Art Deco love holds strong as the resurgence of The Great Gatsby’s popularity in recent years makes way for upcoming Zelda Fitzgerald films. Zelda was a beloved style icon who was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, two cultural figures who personify the flapper generation of the 1920s. This period is continually looked to for... [...]

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Opal: The October Birthstone

The October birthstone is perfect for anyone who has a hard time deciding because they genuinely like and appreciate beauty in all its variation. The opal is a unique gemstone and birthstone that literally means “to see a change of colour.” You can find opals ranging in colour from white to black, accented by firey... [...]

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Why You Should Consider a Filigree Ring

Filigree refers to jewelry that uses a metalworking technique to create intricate design on your jewelry piece. It can be a beautiful way to make your ring unique, and the added design to the band gives the jewelry a romantic aesthetic. Filigree rings can feature a variety of different design motifs. We can create designs... [...]

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ring personalization

Ring Inscriptions and Personalization

(Image Source) Have you and your partner discussed the possibility of adding an inscription to your wedding bands? It has been a classic romantic way for couples to personalize the wedding bands, which are usually more simple. Putting initials or a special word inside the band can be a great way to make a plain... [...]


Begin or Continue Your Heirloom Jewelry Collection

Do you currently own or wear anything that was gifted to you by a parent, grandparent or close relative? Today we want to talk about heirloom jewelry, which is distinctly different from antiques in the way that it is primarily special because of family connections. What qualifies a piece as heirloom jewelry is that it... [...]

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