The Gold Standard

We’ve entered those transition weeks where the golden glow of summer is turning into the crisp coolness of fall. It’s inspired our topic for today: gold. We talk a lot about the meaning behind gems, such as what each month’s birthstone represents, and why diamonds are such and enduring symbol for love and marriage as... [...]

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Mens Wedding Ring Advice

We wish we could poll this, but we wonder if men ever think about the wedding band design they want before they get engaged. Perhaps there is a passing thought if they see a friend’s new wedding band? Regardless of gender, we definitely think everyone can benefit from some tips when choosing a wedding ring. Below, we... [...]

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How to Clean and Care for Diamond Rings

We’ve shared previously on the blog our tips on how to choose high quality diamonds and fine jewelry. If you are unsure how to best take care of your engagement and wedding jewelry on a daily basis, we thought it would also be helpful to share how to care for and clean precious gems and... [...]


4 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring

Last week, we talked about how diamonds, the most durable stone on earth, won’t scratch or chip easily. Knowing you can safely choose the design you like without having to worry about scratches, what are the key things you need to know when starting to shop for a diamond engagement ring? Here are 4 things... [...]


How Scratch-proof is My Diamond Ring?

We love helping people choose their engagement rings, and we know that if you’re starting to look at rings, there are a million questions that come before the Big Question. Today we are going to tackle just a few questions you may have about the safety and durability of your ring. Most engagement rings will... [...]