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The golden standard is called such for a reason – gold is the best of the best, and this is true for your jewelry as well. This beautiful metal has historically and culturally been the material used for engagement rings and wedding bands for both practical and symbolic reasons. It is coveted because it has lasting power against corrosion and damage. This quality lends itself to symbolic significance as well, to represent the eternal bond, purity and strength of union that the couple is entering.

Gold is popular in all variations; it comes down to personal preference and what looks best on your skin and with your stone. If you’re deciding between platinum and 19k white gold, know that either choice will lead to a beautiful and bright piece of jewelry. Both consist of a silver-white tone. Platinum is stronger and more rare than gold, which is why it is more expensive than 19k white gold. For a band to be platinum, that means it is minimally 95% pure platinum. White gold is created from a combination of pure gold with white metals like silver, palladium or nickel. In some cases, couples who have chosen diamond size over clarity will choose white gold over yellow to give the diamond a brighter setting. White gold works well with light or more peach-toned complexions, whereas yellow and rose gold complement olive or darker complexions.

Yellow gold is classically elegant, and rose gold is perfect for romantics who appreciate both vintage and contemporary design. 18k yellow and 18k rose gold jewelry are enjoying a revival in popularity whereas 19k white gold and platinum have been longtime go-to’s for wedding bands. Since 18k yellow and 18k rose gold are perfect choices to express a classic yet unique aesthetic, more couples are choosing these golds.

The karat is the measurement of purity, and 24 karat gold is the purest level with the most amount of gold (24 karats is 99.95% gold or higher). Lower numbered karats are describing the ratio of gold to alloys used to create the color tone. For example, an 18 karat gold ring is 18 parts gold (75% gold, 25% alloys). 14k gold earrings are 14 parts gold, and so on.

Now you know the most important foundations about gold, platinum, color and karats. It is our desire for every customer to feel informed and confident with their jewelry choices, and be able to choose both beauty and quality. Come in and see which gold piece is best for the best person in your life.


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