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Diamonds have become the symbol of lasting love for couples and classic elegance for individuals. The transparent gem fits every age, occasion, and person as its translucency easily works with everybody. While this sparkling stone matches every skin tone and material, it also has many ways to be unique. You can ask about coloured diamonds or different shapes and settings. See the difference between princess cut, emerald cut, round brilliance, and halos.

The best diamond features to look for are cut, clarity, and colour. When you can see different colours reflected in the light, like a rainbow, this is a sign that your diamond has good brilliance and that all three C’s are coming together. The clarity affects the colour, but the cut affects both clarity and colour, therefore if you had to pick one aspect to prioritize, it is the cut that should be primary.

In the best diamonds, you will see the light and brilliance continuously across different facets of the stone. You don’t want a diamond that is cut deep or shallow, which compromises the amount of light reflected and lessens the quality and beauty. Choose a diamond grading that is at least “Very Good” or “Excellent” if you want a stone that is high quality. Invest into a well-cut diamond, and you will end up with a good stone with the best diamond clarity. If you really want a diamond with a wow factor because of how sharply it shines, keep in mind that the chevrons also make a difference. Chevrons are the facets on the bottom half of the diamond, and more chevrons will help reflect greater light. 

Diamond clarity is what makes a flawless diamond. The best diamonds have the highest purity and little to no inclusions (internal marks). Ask your jeweler to show you a few different stones so that you can compare clarity. Diamond clarity and flawlessness is defined by its visible imperfections. Depending on the individual stone, it may include inclusions but the inclusions could be on the edge of a facet and less visible to the eye, or it could be central and visible from the top view of the table facet, so it is important to see two different stones with the same grading because of such variations.

Finally, the best diamonds are colourless, and light reflects better off colourless than tinted diamonds. This is the characteristic that you can be the most flexible with the grading, since the majority of diamonds have minimal yellow tints but this is not visible to our eye. A lower grade diamond can still look colourless, but will be lower in price. If you are using a yellow gold band, you can consider a near colourless diamond, which will look colourless from the table facet view.

MJ Jewellers is proud to carry the best diamonds in Vancouver, and you can see the quality of the stones for yourself in our store or on our online gallery. In the spirit of our custom jewelry process, we hand-pick each diamond to create the most beautiful piece for you.


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