White, Champagne, Black, and Pink Pearls

Finest Pearls in Vancouver

There is a beautiful story behind how these beautiful gems are formed! These iridescent gems are formed out of a grain of sand that gets placed or ends up inside oyster or clam shells. The oyster protects itself by covering the foreign substance with the same coating that its shell is made of, turning the sand into the smooth, shiny pearls that we enjoy in our jewelry. Come in to see the variety of pearl shapes, hues, sizes, and lusters that we carry in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Pearls have a connotation of sophistication and classic femininity, yet still leaves a lot of room for creative and individual ways to express and celebrate personal style. Pink pearls, for instance, are a contemporary and youthful way to wear this gem that has traditional connotations. Instead of bright white pearls, sophisticated champagne pearls or glamorous black pearls, pink pearls are a subtle color to enjoy pearls in an updated way that can be worn every day. The way that pearls are worn and styled also makes a big difference. Channel an inner Grace Kelly with a princess strand at the base of the neck, or embrace Gatsby-era decadence with a multiple layered rope strand necklace.

While popular culture associates pearls with a gift of elegance to young teen girls as a symbol of loveliness and femininity, as well as a go-to gift for the mothers and female relatives in our lives, pearl engagement rings are another way to modernize this classic gem. The elegance and timelessness of a pearl allows for more creativity with contrasting gems and the design of the band. Couples looking for a unique choice could not go wrong with a lustrous pearl engagement ring.

To learn how to buy pearls, come in and see the selection we have in store here at MJ Jewellers. You can see a variety of pearls of different brilliance, colors, sizes, shapes, and geographical origins. We will show you the finest pearls in Vancouver, and how distinctly the light reflects off a high-quality pearl, as well as different ways you can wear them. Come in and see the gem that is formed from something as simple as sand into something precious over time – a perfect symbol to wear every day.


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