The sapphires, your favorite colored gems

The sapphire is one of the most enduringly popular gemstones, and is the most admired colored gem. Its rich color and shine sets this jewel apart as sophisticated and universally beautiful. Sapphires are one of the best value stones amongst high-quality precious gems. The best quality sapphires are extremely rare, and even good sapphires are difficult to come by because of the skill required to cut the stone well for pure color.

For the biggest sapphire lovers and collectors, star sapphires are the rarest version of this gemstone to look for. A star sapphire refers to a rare form of the gem where a star shape appears on the sapphire surface under certain lighting. This remarkable anomaly occurs when needles of the stone align to show the asterism that marks a star sapphire. Blue star sapphires are the most coveted, and they can be display either a white or gold asterism.

The sapphire is formed from heat and pressure, much like a diamond. In fact, the diamond is the planet’s hardest mineral, and the sapphire is the second strongest stone after it, which gives you an idea of the durability and strength of the colored stone.

While sapphires are a corundum gem, which includes rubies and other colors ranging from yellow to pink, rich blue is the sapphire’s signature color. Blue is arguably the most common favorite color, and indeed, is a characteristic that makes sapphires appealing to so many. The blue sapphire symbolizes balance, loyalty, truth, and royalty.

Speaking of royalty, this classic gem has found a boost in cultural attention due to the Duchess Catherine being given Princess Diana’s sapphire ring by Prince William upon their engagement. Besides many young couples also considering the sapphire for their engagement stone, this true blue gem is truly versatile and is a gorgeous choice for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches and wedding bands. The blue sapphire compliments both genders, all ages and occasions, and works well in a minimalist, ornate, traditional or contemporary jewelry piece.

We love working with sapphires at MJ Jewellers, and would love to show you the unique sapphires we have in store to hopefully inspire a special piece all your own. 


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