Last week, we talked about how diamonds, the most durable stone on earth, won’t scratch or chip easily. Knowing you can safely choose the design you like without having to worry about scratches, what are the key things you need to know when starting to shop for a diamond engagement ring? Here are 4 things we want to share from our experience of helping couples choose rings that they love.

  1. Quality over Size, Every Time. We really encourage customers to let go of seeing the size of the diamond as the most impressive factor. What makes a diamond stunning is its sparkle, not its size. We understand that everyone has a budget, so we recommend putting your money towards a smaller but higher quality diamond instead of a larger diamond that has less sparkle, inclusions, or an off-white tone. When you look at them side by side, you’ll be able to see the difference. Try a better quality diamond in a bezel setting, which helps make the stone look larger.

  2. Light it Up. Since diamonds have always been an excellent investment, it is always necessary to choose the one that best suits your personality. You can also read why diamonds are considered a good investment on websites like Hence, select a design and ring setting that highlights as many facets of the diamond as possible. The more surface area that is exposed, the more your diamond will catch and reflect light from different angles. We love claw settings for diamond engagement rings, which show off more of the gem, allowing more light to shine through. Always choose a setting that complements the stone instead of distracting from it.

  3. The Sparkle is the Wow Factor. The reason people stop and stare at a diamond is because of its sparkle. The sparkle is the culmination of the key elements that make a stunning diamond. A superb cut, high-grade clarity, strong colour, and a well-chosen ring style that lets a lot of light hit the gem all need to come together in order to get that crisp rainbow sparkle. Make sure you are working with a jeweler who knows how to highlight this. For example, a yellow diamond should be set in a yellow bezel cut, and pink diamond in a rose gold bezel cut to best enhance the colour and sparkle. Look for the diamond wow factor when you are ring shopping because if you’re going to buy a diamond, why settle for less than speechless beauty?

  4. Choose For You. When we help couples choose a ring, we always emphasize that you are not just choosing a ring – you are choosing a ring for you. Learn what looks best on your finger and hand. If you have longer fingers, you can pull off a wider band whereas a thinner band is more flattering on shorter fingers. You want to look at how the ring works on your hand overall, but you also want to look at the length between the knuckle and the base of your finger to help you see what styles and band widths look best on you.

We know choosing a diamond can be overwhelming but hopefully this helps you prioritize the right things when you are shopping. Don’t forget to come visit us on South Granville to see for yourself what different diamond sizes and settings look like in person!