We have really enjoyed talking about iconic jewelry from iconic couples so far this month and hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Today we are going over some examples of some of the most beautiful colored diamond rings. Celebrity couples consistently turn to colored diamonds as a way to make their engagement ring unique and personal. Of course, creating custom jewelry for couples is one of our absolute favorite things, and here are some standout pieces we would definitely reference for any lovebirds who are interested in their own colored diamond ring.


1. First up, Carrie Underwood’s 5 carat canary yellow diamond ring pulls off being both chic and timeless. The round yellow diamond is surrounded by a halo of white square diamonds. This Jonathon Arndt ring is estimated at $150,000 and is worn with her custom wedding band which curves to hug the engagement ring. Yellow diamonds are one of the most popular choices for couples who love the symbolism of diamonds but want a colored ring. Yellow reflects a lot of light, and the shade is youthful, elegant and positive. The range available in yellow diamonds allows for you to find the perfect cool or warm hue for fair, peach, olive, or dark skin.


2. Rebecca Romijn has customized her oval yellow diamond ring in one of the most unique and beautiful ways we’ve seen. The 6 carat yellow diamond was formerly worn on a yellow gold band, but when the actress resized her ring during her pregnancy, she decided to change it. Romijn worked with Lorraine Schwartz to revision the engagement ring and transform it to something truly one-of-a-kind. The diamond now dangles from a yellow gold band with pave set diamonds. We love that the movement of the dangling diamond will show off the sparkle and light reflection even more. Would you wear a dangling gem?


3. How can we talk about colored diamond rings without talking about Jennifer Lopez? The artist has owned two of the most famous and memorable colored diamond rings. Ben Affleck proposed to Lopez a 6.1 carat pink diamond ring. The light pink Harry Winston ring looked romantic, feminine and flattering against Lopez’s golden skin. The smooth gold band and clean design of the ring makes the pink diamond look sophisticated and wearable. This shows how good design shows off the gem and dictates the personality of the ring. If the pink diamond were encrusted with a diamond halo and had an intricate band, the feminine factor would be much more overt. The noticeable size and unconventional colored diamond works well with this more simple design.

jlo blue diamond

4. Jewelry lovers like Lopez naturally have more than one impressive gem in their collection. Lopez has stated that this 14 carat blue diamond ring is one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. It was gifted to her as a 1st year anniversary present from then-husband Marc Anthony. She revealed that the solitaire diamond is a very rare diamond, and certainly, the quality and size of this blue gem is remarkable. This ring shows off how wearable a blue diamond can be. While yellow and pink diamonds are more popular, a light blue color can clearly work beautifully for an engagement ring, as it goes with every skin tone.

unnamed (4)

5. We’re going to end our post with Blake Lively’s stunning engagement ring. The Art Deco-inspired piece is custom designed by Lorraine Schwartz, with Ryan Reynold’s direction. The extremely rare oval-shaped diamond is flawless, and is set in a rose gold band with pave set diamonds. The light pink color is so faint it can look like either a pale pink or clear diamond depending on the light and environment. It is no surprise that Lively has said that this ring is the one material possession that she treasures most. Spoken like a true lady in love, Lively told Glamour that it is the love and personal meaning that makes her pink diamond ring special to her.

We hope this post has inspired you to consider bringing color into your jewelry collection. You can stick with a classic gem like a diamond and show off your personality by choosing a colored diamond. As you can see from these examples, they are really much easier to pull off than you might imagine. What colored diamond would you be most interested to try?