We have talked a lot about some truly beautiful engagement rings, but we love designing custom wedding bands for grooms just as much. Creating something simple, classic and that perfectly complements the bride’s engagement and wedding rings is a creative challenge we love. It is often surprising for men to realize they do actually have strong opinions about the style and design of their wedding ring. While the most popular request is for a simple and classic band, this can mean many different things to different people. Let’s take a look at some examples of men’s rings that might help you articulate what is best suited to you.


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1. Justin Timberlake’s hammered gold band.

Timberlake worked with Leor Yerushalmi (who also created Jessica Biel’s engagement ring) to design his yellow gold band with a hammered finish for a more masculine and edgy detail. Choosing this textured aesthetic is way to make a wedding band more contemporary. This is especially a great choice for men who have a versatile lifestyle and personal style. The hammered gold ring can be either casual (a matte finish can add to this) or subtly complement more formal looks.


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2. David Otunga’s engagement ring.

That’s right, the professional wrestler received an exquisite engagement ring from Jennifer Hudson on his birthday after he proposed to her first several months before. Otunga’s ring features intermittent columns of square-cut diamonds as well as a ring of round diamonds visible along the top and bottom of the band. For the men out there who want a touch more than a plain band, here’s an example of a men’s ring that is elegant, architectural and symbolizes how every day is richer as a married man.



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3. George Clooney’s platinum wedding band.

Clooney’s smooth band says it all: no regrets. You can’t go wrong with a ring that is just a high quality material and has a clean design. When you find a love that feels simple, a no-fuss ring like this is a great way to symbolize the ease of a shared life with your partner. For couples who enjoy fashion and accessories, sometimes more minimalist bands are the perfect choice to blend in with ever-changing styles and colors. Notice the slight curve to Clooney’s band, which reflects light well and which men might find more comfortable than rings that are flat against their finger.

Which of these three mens rings speaks to your personal aesthetic best? It’s great to have an idea of what “simple” or “classic” means to you when you start thinking about the design of your custom wedding band. However, don’t forget you won’t really know how you’ll feel until you try on different widths, styles and shades of gold in person. Men, when you’re meeting with your jeweler to discuss your significant other’s ring, don’t forget to try on a few yourself!