What we love about cuff bracelets is that it is one of the pieces of jewelry that can make the wearer feel distinctively different before and after putting it on. Try it: you’ll feel like you’ve put on your armor for the day. We believe that jewelry is ultimately an experience and a story, and the cuff is definitely an experience of empowerment or strength. After all, the cuff was historically worn by royalty, societal elite and Greek soldiers. In contemporary culture, the cuff has continued to adorn the wrists of some of the most powerful people and influencers.

chanel maltese cross cuff

Image from InStyle Magazine

Coco Chanel created the Maltese Cross cuffs, which she personally often wore in white and can be found in black or gold as well. She worked with famed jeweler Duke Fulco di Verdura to create this richly jeweled design that brings a playful yet sophisticated femininity to any outfit. We can all take a note from this designer who represents classic dressing across time and culture. Even though we associate Coco Chanel with black and white outfits, tweed blazers, and pearls, the Maltese Cross cuffs show her philosophy of style has always included a colorful sense of whimsy along with classic pieces.

Another popular figure whose style held everyone’s attention and continues to resonate today is Jackie O. Her fondness for cuff bracelets was well noted, and definitely influenced many women to include cuffs in their personal jewelry collections as well. She famously wore Van Cleef & Arpels hammered gold cuffs at major events and while clasping hands with Muhammad Ali in a well-known photo. These cuffs were inspired by the ones worn in Ancient Greece and are a great example of how true beauty is timeless.



Jackie O images from Jewels du Jour

We love how bold jewelry like cuff bracelets can complement so many different styles. Leather cuffs for a masculine or earthy look, intricate outlines to decorate the forearm or upper arm, sleek silver cuffs for women who prefer a more subtle version, or hammered gold for an instant statement. However cuffs suit you best, we know that it both takes confidence and gives confidence to wear. The next time you come in to visit, be sure to take a look at the ways we have customized and engraved images on our cuff bracelets.