We carry a large collection of beautiful and unique gemstones for the purpose of custom design.

Choose a stone from our selection and we can then begin the design process for your unique piece. Colour, clarity, cut and carat are the four factors used to determine the value of any gemstone. Below you will find more information about a few of the most popular gemstones we carry, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Some of our other stones not listed below are jadeite, garnet, tourmaline, alexandrite, aquamarine, opals and many more. If we don’t have the stone your looking for, we guarantee we will do our best to find it!


Diamonds have become the symbol of lasting love for couples and classic elegance for individuals. Diamonds are one of the hardest natural minerals on earth making them ideal for jewellery meant to last generations.

We carry a large selection of ethically sourced diamonds from trusted diamond suppliers all around the world. Our diamonds are all natural and not man made. Most of our diamonds come with a certificate with all the grading details. Diamond grading can be a very subjective process and the same stone can be graded slightly differently by different gemmologists. This is why each stone in our inventory has been very carefully selected by the owner John Leung. He is meticulous with his grading and we can guarantee that each stone is the highest standard of quality. He will often reject stones that he believes do not match the stated specifications on the certificate. The quality of a diamond is determined by the 4 c’s: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Come visit the store to view and compare a variety of diamonds in person. We believe that seeing them in person can help you discover which of the 4C’s are most important to you. When you see it, you will know.


Our belief is that cut is the most important aspect to consider as it greatly affects the appearance of a diamond. We recommend a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ cut diamond. A properly proportioned well cut stone, will maximize the light reflecting off the facets, therefore increasing its sparkle. There are many shapes to choose from – round, oval, pear, marquise, baguette cut, emerald cut and princess cut, each one presenting its own set of benefits.


Color also greatly affects the appearance of the diamond. The colour is rated on a scale from D-Z and ranges from clear white to clear yellow. The range from D to F is considered colourless. Most of our stones are in the colourless range. Any colour designated below F, a yellow tint in the stone can be observed with your naked eye.


The clarity of a stone refers to its inclusions. Inclusions are like birthmarks. A perfectly clean stone is considered flawless. Any diamond SI2 and above, you should not be able to see inclusions with the naked eye, therefore it will not affect the appearance of the stone. Clarity is the most difficult to grade because no two diamonds are alike, and the amount of inclusions vary. There is even a range  within the clarity grading categories. For example, two SI graded stones are not alike. We will ensure that you will be given all the relevant details so you can make an informed decision about which stone to choose.


Finally, there is the carat weight. Diamonds come in a variety of sizes. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, not how big the diamond looks. Even if you had three diamonds that are one carat and well cut, they will vary in diameter.


Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone after diamond. Making it a great alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring if you want a stone with colour that is durable and long lasting.

Rich blue is the sapphire’s signature color, but it also exists in all other colours, except red. Sapphire in part of the Corundum Family of gemstones. Sapphire is the name given to all colours of Corundum family, except red, red corundum is the popular stone called Ruby. Sapphires come from many locations around the world. Two of the top locations that produce high quality Sapphires are Kashmir, India and Sri Lanka. We carry an assortment of loose sapphires that can be used for a custom design. We have a variety of both natural and heat-treated sapphires. Heat treatment makes the colour of the stones brighter and more vibrant. We have various colours such as different shades/hues of blue, cornflower blue, royal blue, pink, yellow, green and purple. We also carry a variety of cuts which include but not limited to; round, oval, square, rectangle, to name just a few. Sapphire is the September birthstone.


The word Ruby comes from Ruber, latin for Red. We have a beautiful selection of loose rubies. Ruby is also a very hard gemstone making it a good alternative stone for an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery meant to last generations.

The most important aspect of Ruby is its colour. Rubies are part of the Corundum family and should be red to be considered a Ruby, sometimes they will have pink or purple undertones. All other colours in the Corundum family are Sapphires. The most valuable colour is Vivid red, also known as Pigeon blood red. We have a variety of both natural and heat-treated rubies. Burma produces the best Rubies, but many other locations around the world produce beautiful rubies. Ruby is the July birthstone.


Emeralds are from the beryl family, same family as aquamarine. Some of the highest quality emeralds are from Colombia.

Having an even saturation of colour is an important factor when choosing an emerald. While emeralds do come in lighter shades, it is the deep vivid green that is most beloved. Sometimes they can have a blueish undertone. It’s the minerals Chromium and Vanadium that gives Emerald its green colour. Colombia produces more than half of the worlds emeralds. It is rare to find Emeralds without visual imperfections or inclusions, although it just adds to the uniqueness of each stone. Emerald is the May birthstone.


We have a selection of high quality South Sea, Tahitian, Mabe and Akoya pearls, cultivated in various geographical origins around the world.

Our pearls are available in our finished jewellery such as necklaces strands, bracelets and earrings. They are also available loose for the purpose of custom design, we have a wide variety of pearls to choose from, they come in many colours such as white, pink, cream, golden or black. Various factors determine the quality of a pearl, it’s luster, shape, size, blemishes, and origin. Majority of our pearls have a high lustre, the better the lustre of a pearl, the stronger and sharper the light reflects on the surface. Pearl is the June birthstone.