How to wear your jewellery:

For daytime jewelry, avoid wearing anything that makes noise when you move, especially at work. Even if you work in a creative or more casual office, the heart behind etiquette is to make sure that both yourself and those around you are comfortable. And surely, you can be just as fierce without an armful of bangles that click against each other as you type. Just wear one or two during the day and slip on the rest for your night out. Large and sparkling gems could also be considered a bit much for daytime accessories. Longtime readers of our blog know that we are all for statement pieces, but be sure that they are eye catching because they are tastefully worn, not because they’re an office distraction.

For formal events, wear only one over-sized piece at a time. When it comes to fine jewelry, go for either a statement necklace or standout earrings, but not both. The idea behind this rule is to choose one area of your body to highlight, and then selecting a piece of jewelry that does exactly that while still complementing the overall look of the outfit. Special events are where your important pieces have a chance to shine, but remember that knowing exactly how much is too much is the marker of elegance. Show off your eye by choosing jewelry that works with your outfit, hair, makeup, and the occasion. For example, choose a long Y-shaped necklace for a low cut dress so that the necklace is emphasizing the dramatic long lines of your outfit.

Personal and social events like a party with good friends is exactly the place to go all out in your expression of personal style. Go for it: wear rings on your middle finger (this used to be a jewelry etiquette no-no), mix faux gems with fine jewelry, and have fun with your look. This is the time to wear large earrings and play up colours and layers in your accessories. Of course, even in the most casual of settings, you want to see where the line is between dramatic fun and overkill. This can be gauged mainly by your personal comfort. What is just enough for one person may be too sparse for you, and what is too loud on the eyes for you can be an expression of playfulness for someone else. Wherever you fall between Stella McCartney and Iris Apfel, you do you.

With more traditional jewelry etiquette, we’ll trust you to use your discretion for whether it applies to your social circles and work environment or not. For example, other than your engagement and wedding rings, diamonds are not traditionally meant for daytime wear. If this is a rule you want to break, trust us, our diamonds are ready for you.