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Have you and your partner discussed the possibility of adding an inscription to your wedding bands? It has been a classic romantic way for couples to personalize the wedding bands, which are usually more simple. Putting initials or a special word inside the band can be a great way to make a plain band more special to you. Who can resist the charm of wearing something very visible and public and yet having a secret element that only you and your spouse know about?

Here are some ideas and tips for you if you would like to consider personalizing your wedding band.

  1. Firstly, if you are already married, this would be a great way to celebrate a special anniversary! Keep it in mind for a wedding anniversary where you would like to remind yourselves as individuals and as a couple that you are living out the promises you made to each other on your wedding day. Perhaps it will inspire a rededication ceremony at the 10 year mark, or be a surprise for your spouse who thinks they have come to learn everything about you. Adding an inscription is a great way for you to combine your years of experience onto a symbol from the very start of your marriage.
  2. If you decide to inscribe, you can either put both of your initials or your spouse’s initials inside. We recommend using all capitals, and block lettering rather than cursive. The block letters make your inscription easier for the eye to read, and gives the letters a cleaner, sharper appearance. It’s our suggestion that you choose something shorter, or abbreviate a phrase to a single word. A shorter inscription is a good aesthetic choice, since female wedding bands are typically thin and have a smaller surface area to work with.
  3. Another option for personalization besides font would be to put gemstones inside the wedding band. Couples can research the meanings behind different gems, and choose one that represents their relationship. As you can tell from our monthly birthstone articles, many beautiful gems are very rich in history and meaning. Speaking of birthstones, one popular practice is for couples to put their birthstones inside the band. An option would be for each person to wear the birthstone of their spouse inside their ring. When we customize bands in this way, we put the gems in a gypsy setting so that it lays flush within the inner band and will be comfortable against the finger.

We hope this has inspired some romantic and personal ideas of your own. Come in to chat with us about any questions or thoughts on how to personalize your rings or jewelry.