In the height of summer heat, wedding season, and longer days with our loved ones, the ruby is the perfect gemstone to celebrate all the July babies. The vibrant red birthstone represents lasting love, good health and wealth, and creative wisdom. Now who wouldn’t want to wear a fire-toned gem that stands for these things?

Gem lovers may already know that the ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones on the market because it is one of the strongest and most durable natural gemstones. Only the diamond is harder than the ruby. The hardness of the ruby means that it is great for everyday wear since it is strong against scratches, chips and fractures. Some royal family wedding rings have featured the ruby as the central stone and symbol of love.

The shade and vibrancy of the red is what draws people to rubies, and when you see them in person, you understand why. The most valuable and rare rubies will have a deep red to purple-red hue. When considering gems to invest in or to add to your collection, it is always smart to choose gemstones, like the ruby, that have a proven consistent value and lasting cultural appeal.

This dynamic red gem can be worn and styled in many different ways, and if you or someone special in your life celebrates a July birthday or anniversary, you will get to enjoy the versatility of this special jewel at different ages and stages. A round ruby can be set as a simple pendent or on a 6-prong white gold ring for a younger girl’s first birthstone jewelry. Rubies are naturally so eye-catching that they can make small stud earrings look chic, or in drop earrings for a woman who embraces dressing up for the day or night. Whether a woman is laid-back with a closet full of neutrals or changing and evolving all the time, ruby jewelry always brings the perfect amount of elegance.

If you are looking into a piece of ruby jewelry, consider a ruby tassel pendent necklace, like the custom MJ one shown in the above image. Tassel jewelry has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, yet is timeless and bohemian for continued year-round wear. Egyptian pharaohs, Roman emperors to today’s top designers and style icons have all used tassel jewelry to make a standout statement.

We wish you a month that is full of the passionate energy and liveliness of the July birthstone!