What does jewelry have to do with your goals this year? Well, we love always working on being our best, and we love jewelry, and we had a light-bulb moment that the two definitely work together! Hear us out. Some of your goals probably reflect things that you haven’t built regular habits in, and visual reminders are helpful to keep your goals top of mind. Why not use a tangible and beautiful item like jewelry as a way to send yourself a daily message? Here’s some ways your jewelry can make your 2016 both more aesthetically appealing and personally successful.

1. Wear a piece that represents a relationship. Is one of your hopes to have better relationships this year? Our lives get so busy that it can become an unwanted norm that we don’t see our family often enough. Consider taking your mom’s ruby studs or your grandma’s jade pendant that they gave you (but you never wear because it doesn’t suit your style) and bringing it to your local jeweler to have it repurposed into a new custom piece! The ruby studs can be transformed into a contemporary ear jacket, or a jade pendant can be put in a new setting and on a gold chain if you prefer gold to the silver chain it came on.jade_pendantMen can similarly take their mom’s gems to remake into cufflinks or women can take their dad’s cufflinks to turn into stud earrings or a ring. You can get a chain link bracelet to represent the friends and family that you want to call and write more. You can buy matching stud earrings or bangles for you and a sister or best friend to inspire you to stay close even though your daily lives have become fuller. Consider giving someone important to you a gift to let them know you believe in them. Ladies, insert a subtle black diamond in the corner of your partner’s money clip or wallet to let him know you are rooting for his success this year.

Cufflink Repurposed Ring
Cufflink Repurposed Ring (Image Source).

2. Use everyday jewelry to remind yourself to build a new habit. Try using simple stacking rings to give yourself a visual reminder every morning as you put them on. Maybe a gold band on your pinky finger to represent your promise to take care of your body this year by eating breakfast instead of downing a coffee and starving until lunch. Mix both white gold and yellow gold rings on your middle finger to remember the specific ways you want to spend your time to feel more balanced in life. Wear a simple band on each thumb every day to remember that you can say both “yes” and “no” to people, and that both answers are equally good.

stacking_rings (1)

3. Everyone loves rewards, so why not wear the reward and use a beautiful piece of jewelry to motivate yourself? Get something noticeable and different from your usual choices to give yourself a visual note with something that catches your eye. Wear a statement cuff to look and feel strong enough to conquer your goal. Wear a bold colored gem like a sapphire or emerald ring on your index finger to remind yourself to be confident and brave.

Check MJ’s sapphire rings.

What do you think? Would wearing a visual reminder help you keep your goals in mind? Whatever you decide to put your heart and energy into this year, we hope you find beauty and meaning in it.