Is it just us, or does there seem to be an unusual amount of birthdays in January? For all you January babies, let’s chat a bit about your birthstone - the garnet. This deep colored and multifaceted gem has such fitting symbolism to begin a new calendar year. The garnet represents both regeneration and stability, which is perfect since we are especially aware of how we want to express ourselves both continually and anew in this significant season.

This durable stone has been popular throughout history: garnets were the most-used gem in the Late Antiquity period amongst Greek and Roman statesmen. They’re a beloved gem in royal families of different countries and cultures, and also make a regular appearance on the red carpet to glamorize celebrity outfits. This is a great way to see how rich-colored gems can be worn in a variety of ways, whether your style is classic, eclectic, contemporary or feminine. Garnets may not seem like a youthful stone to wear, but the dark red is a great way to bring out the glow of your skin, as you can see in the image of Kate Beckinsale wearing garnet earrings. You can also choose the more subtle yellow-amber hued garnets for a lighter effect.


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Speaking of colors, don’t forget that garnets come in many gorgeous colors besides red. If red isn’t the color that represents you (or the person you’re looking for a gift for), or if you want to give a January baby a more unique gift, ask you local jeweler if they have other color garnets to show you.  Yellow, orange and green garnets are truly eye-catching stones and are a great way for the wearer to showcase something unexpected.

If you don’t have a January baby in your life, all of this is still good to keep in mind since the garnet is also the second year anniversary stone for couples. If you are getting close to your second marriage anniversary, consider gifting your partner a garnet piece to let them know that the fire is as strong as ever.

We hope you’ve come to see this gorgeous gem in a new light! Goodbye January, and happy birthday or 2nd anniversary to everyone who’s celebrating.

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