This month’s birthstone, the aquamarine, holds a special beauty to us as Vancouver locals. The name comes refers to water and to the ocean, which we are lucky to have as a part of our city’s landscape and beauty. Aquamarines are usually a light blue but can be found in light blue-greens as well. As we are coming out of winter and into spring, this light blue gem is a breath of visual and emotional fresh air. This gem is believed to bring protection, balance and a good temper.

The aquamarine is a very tough gemstone; it is not prone to scratches and rarely has inclusions. The brilliance that the aquamarine reflects makes it a stunning stone to create custom shapes and designs with. When looking at aquamarines, you want to look for high clarity and transparency and the right shade of blue or blue-green that you prefer. This beryl stone can be found in larger crystal forms that are perfect for larger statement jewelry.

Whether or not you are thinking of a gift for someone born in March or a 19th wedding anniversary gift, this beautiful blue gem is also a great gift for anyone who travels frequently for work or pleasure. Consider an aquamarine pendent necklace for someone leaving for a longer trip to wish them safety and protection (sailors used to be given aquamarines for safe ocean travels). Aquamarines are mined primarily in Brazil, and when the Roosevelts visited Rio de Janeiro in 1936, Brazilian President Vargas gifted Eleanor Roosevelt with a large 1.3 carat aquamarine as a friendly gesture of safe wishes.

We love how this versatile gem brightens and complements all skin tones, and works flawlessly with yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Ask us about the different ways aquamarine can be custom designed for earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, broaches and more.