Today we are so pleased to check in with a couple who worked with MJ to design an engagement and wedding band set five years ago. Please meet Eddie and Eunice Lee, a down-to-earth pair who are more drawn to the funner-over-finer things in life. How has their relationship with each other and with their wedding rings evolved? Read on to find out!

1. So your marriage is 4 1/2, it’s almost a kindergartener. What do you have to share about married life from where you’re at?

Eddie: Marriage is like a beautiful hike (something we love to do together). There are often ups and downs on your journey and plenty of obstacles, and it can be tiring. But the views are always worth it and that’s why we do it. Marriage just wouldn’t be as rewarding without the challenges you overcome together.

Eunice: Recently, we finally decided to put a stop to arguing about little things, so that those arguments would stop escalating into big blowouts. These arguments really only developed in marriage. What we discussed was that we would never speak to our friends in that way.  We try to treat our friends with respect to the best of our ability. Our plan was to put that kind of effort back into the way we speak to each other.  I really think that has helped us a lot. We are friends too, after all, him and I.

2. It’s a big deal to choose rings that represent the rest of your lives. Your styles change, your lifestyle and habits might change, your experiences will continue to shape you. And through all this, your rings stay exactly the same. What is it about the designs you chose that represent you both well; even though you will continue to grow?

Eddie: There isn’t anything overtly special about me. For the most part I’m a pretty simple guy, but I’ve always been known for my humorous and sometimes loud (I like to call it leadership) qualities which makes me stand out from the crowd sometimes. I think my ring is very similar in that it’s simple in design, yet stands out from the crowd sometimes because of its square shape. As time passes and as we grow I believe these traits will still be true.

Eunice: My ring, the band and the design all bring me so much joy, simply because Eddie and I have never made it a habit to exchange extravagant gifts. We didn’t have this habit while we were dating. We have a $50 budget for Christmas. We organize activities for our birthdays and anniversaries.We don’t see the need to base our relationship on materials things or even material experiences. I didn’t need a ring to validate myself, our love, or our marriage. So when I look down at my ring, I feel so grateful to have been given something so beautiful, by someone I love so much. I hope that the ring, in all its beauty, resembles our relationship. I hope that our marriage will continue to grow in that way.

3. Eunice, what were your thoughts and feelings the first time you saw your ring? What did you love about being surprised and seeing it for the first time when you were proposed to? 

Eunice: I knew Eddie wanted to make the right decision with the ring, so I found myself not shy about my preferences. I didn’t care about the size. It didn’t matter to me about “when,” and left it to Eddie’s timing for when he wanted to propose. He understood my vision and seemed to welcome the input. But I’ll tell you I gasped the first time I saw it!

4. Eddie, you brave man. What gave you the confidence to choose a ring yourself? Was it important to you to propose with a ring that you chose and designed?

Eddie: I knew when I proposed I wanted it to be a complete surprise. Having her pick out the ring basically takes any romance out of the process, in my opinion. Even though I designed the ring myself I did have help. I always paid attention to styles she liked and enlisted my friend to get pictures of rings she liked. It wasn’t so much that I needed to design it myself, but more that I wanted her to be surprised, and still get a ring I knew she would love.

5. We assume that by now, your wedding rings feel like a completely natural part of you. What was it like when you first got married and started wearing your rings every day? How did your wedding rings become a part of you?

Eddie: I’m not a jewelry person at all. No watches, necklaces, nothing, so it definitely  was strange when I first started wearing it. But the more I wore it the more I liked it because of what it symbolized. Because even when we’re not together I feel Eunice with me when I wear it.

Eunice: I had to learn, the hard way, that for once in my life, I needed to really take care of this thing.  If you know me, you’ll know that I stain, ruin, lose or misplace everything that I own. Instead, this was something I would have to really treasure and take care of, just like I should do with my husband.

6. Why did you choose 18k white gold for your wedding bands and a diamond as your gem? How much did tradition, personal preference and practicality play into your choices?

Eunice: There is something to be said about timeless designs and materials.  While there is nothing practical about gold and diamonds, they never cease to amaze! I was pretty darn happy with my “personal preferences”! I really did gasp.

Eddie: I chose the diamond because of traditional reasons and also because I think it’s the most beautiful. With the other options I let MJ help guide me.

7. Any tips for couples who are in the ring shopping process? Anything you wish you had known, or that you found very helpful in your decision in buying that you would like to share?

Eddie: Find a jeweler you trust who can walk you through the whole process. Don’t feel pressure to buy, and be comfortable with the budget you set.

Eunice: I’ll let you in on my little secret. As I mentioned, I never wanted Eddie to buy me anything expensive throughout our relationship. What would that really show? How long would it last? Why would I want him to spend his hard-earned money to buy me something over-the-top and be stressed about it? Instead, I always kind of knew deep down that the best gift would eventually come: a ring with a promise. I wanted him to value me for not being an overly material girl leading up to our engagement. And it worked! Success!  I hope that I’m still that person now.


8. Finally, lovebirds, what’s a quality that you really admire about your spouse?

Eddie: She’s extremely thoughtful towards others. It’s easy to care for your spouse, but it’s the extra effort she demonstrates to other people’s feelings that I admire.

Eunice: What I admire the most about Eddie is that he is GOOD.  I am so lucky to be loved by someone like him.  I think a lot of people feel that way about Eddie. “We’re so lucky,” my friend would remind me about our husbands. “We’re just so lucky”

Thank you Eddie and Eunice for being so generous with your wedding ring story! We loved hearing a bit about your relationship, and how your jewelry represents what is most important to you.