Our personal style is an area where we see some aspects that will never change (for example, always defaulting to black, or always going with the most comfortable) while many others do shift (wedge sneakers every day for a year and then never again, or changing hairstyles). Jewelry and accessories are a big part of personal style, and part of making smart purchases is knowing what is true blue for you and what areas have room for experimenting.

Choosing Go-To Jewelry

Evergreen, everyday uniform, and staples are just best casino reviews a few terms used to describe your essentials, the things that represent you and that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Now, it’s important that you don’t confuse cultural classics for personal classics. For example, diamond engagement rings are a cultural standard but perhaps for you, nothing feels more special and personal than an emerald or pearl engagement ring. Similarly, while a minimalist yellow gold engagement and wedding ring set with a single diamond may feel too casual for some ladies, it could be exactly what makes you happy to see on your hand every day.

We encourage you to create a core collection of fine jewelry by selecting pieces that you absolutely love no matter how much time passes, rather than picking safe pieces that you think are practical for the long run. If you’re someone whose eyes light up every time you see sapphires because of your deep love for all things blue, then you can bet that you will still love wearing sapphire earrings and rings decades from now. Go ahead and buy all sapphire jewelry instead of talking yourself into sterling silver and diamonds because they go with everything. Trust us, if you love it, it will go with everything because it will go with you.

What to do with Phase Jewelry

Perhaps you have an excess of bangles and bracelets from your arm candy phase that you liked wearing all-together but never reach for individually. Or you went all out collecting chandelier earrings during those couple years you were obsessed with Edie Sedgewick and Andy Warhol but lately you wear small studs to balance bold necklaces. There are a few things you can do with jewelry you once rocked daily but have moved on from.

1.) Display as Art. If you have great jewelry that you aren’t wearing, you can display them. The purpose of jewelry is to be beautiful art in your life, even if that means displayed on your wall instead of on your body. Find unusual ways and places to display them around the house, and perhaps one day you’ll bring them back into your jewelry rotation and be glad that you hung onto these pieces.

2.) Recreate into a New Piece. Remember those pearl earrings you bought when you thought you’d bring some Chanel and Grace Kelly vibes into your life but never wear? Bring them to your jeweler and ask if they can be turned into two pinky rings so you can wear one and give the other to your best friend or sister. Styles change, so give your gems new life by getting them customized into a new setting that you will be excited to wear.

3.) Gift or Sell. If you feel sure you’ll never load up your forearm with those Coachella-era silver and turquoise bracelets again, sell them. If you know a friend or niece who would love them, offer them as gifts. The best part about letting go of jewelry that you have evolved from is that it can create more room and more funds for items that you would truly love now.

Our goal is to help you curate a jewelry collection that you absolutely love. We hope this article has helped give you a helpful mindset on following your heart when purchasing your foundational everyday jewelry, as well as how to move forward with or from jewelry you aren’t wearing. Don’t hesitate to come by and ask us for ideas on how your jewelry can be re-purposed into beautiful new creations!