The End of Summer Birthstone

We love that August’s birthstone evokes a top summer destination: Hawaii. Since peridots are formed deep in the earth and often emerge to the surface through erupting volcanoes, the Hawaiian folklore about this olivine gem is that peridots represent Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. Fittingly, the peridot is associated with strength and influence. Besides volcanoes, peridots can also be mined or found from meteorites – any gemstones that have superhero associations are even better!

Most Coveted Peridot Shades

The peridot is most popular in vibrant lime and olive greens, and these green hues feed us psychologically as well as visually. Green is proven to foster feelings of calm, and research has shown that looking at something green for at least 20 minutes triggers creativity. While the peridot can range in color from yellow to brown tones, it is the deep greens that gem lovers enjoy wearing.

Peridots are often mistaken for another gorgeous green gem, the emerald, but it is a standout in its own right. While emeralds are more of a forest green, the bright citrus quality of peridot green can have a more youthful effect. This makes it both light enough for daytime wear and vibrant enough as an evening accessory.

Different Ways to Wear Peridot Jewelry

Peridots can have very different moods and effects depending on how it is designed and whether you combine it with other gems. Setting peridot in white gold will give the stone a more cool-toned effect than if it were set in a yellow gold, which is a warmer tone. If you want something more subtle for daytime wear, try wearing peridot in white gold with small diamond accents. For more elegant depth, peridot looks wonderful when set in rose gold earrings or necklaces. For a real wow factor, you can add small rubies or garnets to let the deep red make the bright green pop and stand out.

Why Peridots are Beloved 

We mentioned in the beginning that peridots are connected with strength and influence. People who love gemstones for their healing properties also prize the peridot because it is believed to help channel physical and emotional healing (especially when worn as a pendant by the heart). Peridot is worn to encourage confidence, positivity and happiness. This gemstone contains iron, which is what makes it green, and some wearers associate the iron-content with anti-aging wellness and a cellular boost.

Ultimately, whatever benefits you may experience from wearing peridot jewelry, it is undeniably and strikingly beautiful. This in itself is all the reason we need for loving the August birthstone.

Image Source: Etsy