How do jewelry lovers get into the Summer Olympics? By learning about how diamonds and sports are more connected than we thought. In fact, the term tennis bracelet comes from sports history. Tennis star Chris Evert was competing in the 1987 U.S. Open when she paused the match to look for her diamond bracelet which had become unclasped and fallen off. This eternity bracelet has been called a tennis bracelet ever since.

We love that the tennis bracelet goes against stereotypes or assumptions that athleticism and beauty or jewelry are mutually exclusive. Of course, name bracelets also hold a different outlook besides being jewelry. They are more personal and symbolic. Just as sports and athletes are beautiful, there is hard work and expertise that goes into crafting beautiful jewelry. The reason tennis bracelets are suitable for athletes and women on the go is because it is very lightweight. As we’ve talked about in previous posts, diamonds are the hardest, most scratch-resistant gem there is, making diamond tennis bracelets every bit as tough as the player wearing it. As the wrist moves, the light dances off the diamonds from different angles, making this both a sleek and stunning way to bring some knockout power to your wrist.

The tennis bracelet featured in the picture above was designed by MJ Jewellers owner, John Leung, himself. It features inline round brilliant diamonds, pave-set around the band. While tennis bracelets can definitely come in other gems, like emeralds or rubies, diamonds are the traditional gem for this jewelry piece. We also carry this bracelet in rose gold, so the hardest game is choosing between the white and rose gold versions.

Oh, we must add: this is a safe bracelet to wear for active women. The tennis bracelet Evert was wearing in the U.S. Open did not have a safety clasp, making it easier to fall open. As long as you choose a tennis bracelet with a sturdy safety closure, you are set to go ahead and go for gold while wearing your favourite diamond bracelet.