When it comes to famous loves that are synonymous with famous diamonds in popular culture, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship is definitely one of the most high profile. They fell in love on set of the movie, Cleopatra, and the world followed the ups and downs of their real-life love from then on. They starred in many other films together, and lived a lavish personal life that was accentuated by similarly lavish jewels. Burton gave Taylor a ring that she wore daily, known as the Krupp Diamond. The 33.19 karat Asscher-cut diamond is named after Alfred Krupp’s wife Vera Krupp. The diamond’s clean lines and many facets serve to reflect light from every angle, and the beautiful symmetry continues to appeal to the eye. This is definitely a ring you can use to inspire a personal custom design, since the classic design and cut will be flattering on any sized gem.

When you’ve started with a ring that iconic, there’s only one way to go: bigger. Following the Krupp diamond ring, Burton spent over $1 million to purchase a 69.42 carat diamond which came to be known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. This eye-catching pear shaped diamond was set in a Cartier necklace with numerous smaller pear-shaped diamonds. After their eventual divorce, Taylor sold the diamond for $5 million and used the money to build a hospital in Botswana.


In the image of Taylor, on the left, she is wearing both the Krupp diamond ring and the Taylor-Burton diamond necklace. Though the diamonds are completely different shapes, they complement each other very well and actually look better worn together as a set. This is something you can keep in mind if you are beginning or continuing a collection for yourself or a loved one: you can choose a gem that you continue to collect long-term. You’ll see that even as people’s taste and style change with time, there is still a flow and congruency you can find in their fine jewelry collection. In Taylor’s case, extravagance was an evident theme in her jewelry as well as in her love life.

As we approach this year’s Valentine’s Day, what is your style? Do you hope to collect minimalist or colorful jewelry? All yellow gold or all white gold? We love talking to people to help them articulate their life stories through personal custom jewelry just like Ms Taylor did, and we find people always have at least one gem or one design style they are drawn to.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! May it be as bright as the Krupp and Taylor-Burton diamonds!