The February birthstone is just as stunning as January’s. Amethysts are violet colored quartz, and this popular gemstone comes in a range of color from light lilac to a dark royal purple. It is often seen in jewelry pieces cut in a multifaceted fashion to show off the different depths of color that one gem contains and reflects. The variety of ways in which the amethyst can be cut and set make it easy for wearers of any age or complexion to wear this gemstone in their own unique style.

We love amethysts set in both white and yellow gold. Either way, the rich purple hues of purple amethyst will be just as deeply flattering. This is due to the amethyst’s versatile characteristic of going well with both cool and warm tones. Whether you have fair, peachy, olive, golden, or darker skin tone, this is a stone that will complement you, as well as the tones and colors of your wardrobe.

The Meaning and Significance of Amethyst, throughout its long history in culture, have been sought out for its aesthetic beauty as well as its healing properties and symbolic energy. Amethysts are associated with having a sobering effect, as well as counteracting stomach upset, insomnia, and improving the skin. It is believed to bring calming energy and clear-mindedness to the wearer. The amethyst is also known as the gem of friendship.

One of the most famous pieces of amethyst jewelry, however, has to do with the love story between the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke had formerly been King Edward VIII of England, but famously abdicated the throne after a month to be with the woman he loved, Wallis Simpson. In his public address, he stated, “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility, and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.” Since she was an American divorcee, she was not suitable for Prince Edward to marry as the king. He famously said that he would marry her “on the throne, or off.”

Their relationship was a scandal within the British Monarchy, and the controversial couple held the fascination of the entire world throughout their lives. In fact, Madonna chose their love story as the topic of her first project as film director in W/E:

Once they married and became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the couple became avid jewelry collectors (we will come back to their impressive collection again in future posts). Whatever mixed feelings the public may have had towards the Duchess, there was no doubt her impeccable style was always undeniable. Her other big loves besides her husband were fashion and jewelry, which she used as her public voice and statement of power. Edward gifted her with exquisite and eye-catching jewelry to show her (and his family) that she was part of the Royal Family as far as he was concerned. In 1947, the Duchess commissioned Cartier to create a custom amethyst bib necklace featuring 29 step-cut amethysts with a central heart-shaped amethyst in the center. The amethysts are complemented by diamonds and bright turquoise cabochons.


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The Duchess’ custom amethyst necklace is an example of how enduringly beautiful this gem is. An amethyst piece would certainly be a stunning addition to your personal jewelry collection. Do you prefer amethysts in a necklace, ring, earrings or broach?

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