If you decide you want to propose, the two main questions at the forefront of your mind are likely 1.) how should I propose? Followed by 2.) how do I choose the ring? While our expertise is obviously on the jewelry you make it official with, we want everything about your proposal to be special.

How you propose, no matter how simple or extravagant, will be memorable. The questions before the big question are worth considering, and may help you articulate how you want to approach the proposal.

  • Public or private? Consider your partner’s comfort level with attention during vulnerable or special moments. Even if they are extraverted, would they want a roomful of people watching during your proposal? Would it be best to propose in private but have close friends and family nearby ready to celebrate?

  • Will you enlist help? Are you going to lean on your partner’s best friend or sibling as a consultant for the ring but not the proposal; or vice versa? Can they keep it secret? Will you use a proposal service or close friends for creative or logistical help?

  • Parental blessing? This tradition won’t be relevant to all cultures or individuals, but would your partner or their family want you to give the parents a heads up before proposing? While it isn’t necessarily about permission, it allows the parents to give their blessing and early congratulations.

  • Should you and your partner talk about marriage before you propose? What is your relationship dynamic, and is this a decision you want to go into having already discussed it? Would your partner prefer to be surprised or to have some input?

  • What is important to you and what is important to your partner? Maybe certain elements will be meaningful for you to incorporate on your end. For example, you feel strongly that it should be at a certain special location. Don’t forget to ask yourself what matters to your partner. Do they want photographs from a hidden/far-off photographer? Do they care if they’re surprised coming home from work or the gym, or will they want to look their best?

These are some preparatory questions that we hope will be helpful for anyone planning on marriage. If you want to start with the rings before the proposal details, don’t forget to review our tips on how to choose the perfect diamond, a coloured diamond, or a mens wedding band. We hope you find this helpful!