First, we must make our case that celebrating Valentine’s Day is wonderful and important. For both practical and romantic reasons, here’s why Valentine’s is worth the effort: February is not a very sexy time. The holiday magic is long gone, you’ve been bundled in Michelin-like layers for months, and recent date nights have likely included running to the drugstore to get more Neo-Citron for you and your partner (because, of course, you caught each other’s flu). Valentine’s Day is amazing because it’s an excuse to inject some passion into the wintery drudge. Why not?

If we’ve convinced you, then here’s some ideas on how you might enjoy the holiday in a way that feels authentic and personal to you and your significant other.

1. A Teen Dream Valentine’s. If you’re not into spending big dollars on a five-star, wallet-led Valentine’s, then do a throwback to teen-love version. Nobody knows how turn up emotions like a teen in love, so plan an ultimate teen date. Send roses to their office with a terrible poem a la high school singing telegram. Sneak your own candy into the movie theatre and make out in the back row. Have a big sign with balloons waiting at the beach like a Laguna Beach prom proposal. Whatever you do, have a nice break from both winter blues and adulting.

2. Hi-Low Valentine’s. Fashion looks best when you pair your Prada with an inexpensive but unique thrift find. Try the same approach with your Valentine’s date. Dress to the absolute nines and hit up the most low-key spots in your city. Go to your favourite dive bar, then go bowling. Alternatively, turn it around and throw on your favourite sweats, hoodies, and sneakers and pay no mind to any glances as you enjoy the best bottle of red at a downtown hotel. Bottom line, you will get some super fun Instagram shots out of this.

3. An Element of Surprise Valentine’s.You both know each other better than anyone else, so sometimes surprising your partner is the best way to stir intrigue and laughter. Think of something they wouldn’t expect from you, but would enjoy. Men, show up at the spa at the same time you know she has an appointment and get a facial or massage with her. Use pheromones for men, instead of your usual perfume to heighten her senses that can make her find you more attractive! Bring her to the jeweller who made your rings to get them cleaned and shined, then tell her she can choose any stud earrings in the store. Ladies, pick him up from work in his dream car that you’ve rented for the weekend. Tell him you’ve booked a brunch date for the two of you, then surprise him by joining him for a day of golf after.

We hope we’ve given or at least inspired some creative ideas for you to enjoy a Valentine’s that doesn’t involve chocolate and roses (unless you would truly love that, then by all means!). In the end, you know how to love your partner best. Whether you plan to surprise each other, or plan something fun together, make the Valentine’s weekend one that is all about the way you two love being in love.