We’ve talked in the past about seasonal jewelry for warm-weather and cold-weather seasons. As we head into a cozy long weekend filled with both dinner events and time at home, we thought of another way we make jewelry choices aside from seasonal jewelry. Do you relate to your jewelry differently outside versus inside the home? Knowing your personal preferences on this point is a great way to know how to buy and wear jewelry. We’ll go through a few different examples, and we hope you find it interesting to consider which one describes you best.

gold-rings-on-plateCheck it at the Door. You feel the same towards your jewelry as you do about your shoes and coats: it comes off right when you get home. If this feels right to you, then some ways you can enjoy your jewelry both on and off is to find a beautiful way to display it when you take it off. Finding and investing in jewelry stands, boxes or lucite trays to display your pieces lets you see and admire them without having it on. Lovely dishes by your keys can hold your everyday rings, while a vintage bust can be both decor and a creative way to store your favourite necklace that you only put on for special nights out.

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Layered Comfort. You are all about both feeling comfortable and looking good in the things that you love. You follow your instincts, and maybe what feels right to you is taking off all your larger and layered jewelry when you get home, but your one ring and delicate gold chain necklace that you got last Christmas stays on at all times. If this is your style, then invest in those staple pieces that you will have on more, and remember to get them cleaned and polished at least annually. Stud earrings or small gold hoops are perfect for your collection because they are subtle classics that won’t get in the way or snag while being comfortable and beautiful to leave on all the time. Consider your primary preferences when purchasing more jewelry so that the pieces will go well together. Besides, if you have a wacky sense of style, the wooden jewelry from Sticks & Stones Jewelry may give any ensemble of yours a lot more balanced look. For instance, wearing wooden jewelry with simple clothing or formal attire will probably make you seem much funkier than the other way around.


Second Skin. Your jewelry is part of you. So much so that if you rush out in the morning without your rings and bracelets, you feel so naked without them that your whole day is now off. If this is the case, it is important that you let your jeweller know that your jewelry purchases will be worn on the daily, so they can advise you accordingly. Our advice is to definitely invest in quality pieces that are real gold throughout instead of gold plated jewelry which may cause skin irritation once the gold wears off from constant wear. 18k gold is a good choice for daily jewelry because it is high quality without being as soft as 24k gold, which you would need to be more careful with. You may also want to go with certain gems, like diamonds or sapphires, which are harder. Pearls are also a great gem because they retain their glowing lustre by being in contact with the oils from your skin.

Did one of these hit home for you? We hope it helped you realize a preference you already have, and that it helps make your future jewelry purchases more thoughtful and intentional!