We have talked in the past about some ways men can approach making decisions about the style and design of their wedding band. Besides considering options like mixed metals and mixed textures, there are other ways for you grooms to make sure you are choosing a wedding ring design you will love. While your wardrobe may evolve in style as you get older, when it comes to men’s accessories, classic and tasteful is always best.

The wedding band tip we want to discuss today is looking to the past to predict what you’ll be happy with in the future. For example, have you noticed how the dream watch you probably plan to get one day has design rooted in classic looks? You want your wedding ring to have that same level of lasting style.

Spending a bit of time looking at previous men’s accessory trends may help you see what has been historically consistent in popularity. While some trends come and go, others are recurring in its enduring style. Looking at men’s wedding bands from the past may help you foresee what you will still feel strongly about in the future. For example, if you know you like architecture, cars, or clothing from a certain decade or country, use that as a guide to see what men’s rings were popular at that time as well. If you don’t know where to begin, start with Old Hollywood, which represents an elegance that may represent the timeless design you want for your wedding band. Bring in inspirations to your jeweler, who may be able to give you recommendations to fine-tune what you are looking for.

We hope this gave you some good ideas on where to find the right men’s ring inspiration. After all, you didn’t choose just any woman; and the same should go for the ring that represents your life together.  Don’t forget to come by and see the variety of men’s rings we have in store. Trying them on is the most effective way to know how you feel about different wedding ring styles.