Filigree refers to jewelry that uses a metalworking technique to create intricate design on your jewelry piece. It can be a beautiful way to make your ring unique, and the added design to the band gives the jewelry a romantic aesthetic. Filigree rings can feature a variety of different design motifs. We can create designs inspired by flowers, branches, vines, or other motifs with curving lines.

Two major approaches you can consider for your filigree design would be whether you want a feature diamond (or other gemstone) or not. If you are considering a filigree motif for an engagement ring, speak to your jeweler about what filigree designs would be most complimentary for the specific gem, cut, and size that you have chosen. Of course, you can go with any filigree style that you want, but there is certainly a way to design it so that the entire ring flows. For instance, if you have chosen a diamond in a smaller size but higher quality colour and clarity, your jeweler may want to create a filigree band with thinner lines so as not to overpower the diamond. Another example they may recommend to achieve the same result could be to ensure a proper balance of the vines to leaves ratio so that the overall look of the band is more delicate and less dense.

The second type of filigree ring you can consider would be a filigree band with no feature gemstone. Perhaps you have a diamond engagement ring and would like to blend it with a filigree wedding band. The wedding band could include small diamonds to bring more light and sparkle to the band. Filigree design is a way to bring style and beauty to a ring in a cost-effective way. It is the timeless and feminine lines in a filigree ring that is appealing, without any reliance on a feature gem necessary. Women who love a touch a vintage but maybe haven’t found a vintage ring that works can achieve that feel with a filigree design. You don’t have to be vintage lover to rock this type of ring. If you love nature, a floral or vine-inspired filigree ring is the perfect way to symbolize both your relationship with your partner and with nature. If you are a lover of minimalism and clean design but want your ring to add texture and romance to your look, this is a great way to bring something different to your style.

Essentially, filigree rings are a great option for anyone who is looking for a unique alternative to a simple smooth gold band. Obviously, they make for amazing pieces of jewelry beyond engagement and wedding bands. Filigree rings are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. They are great choices to give to mothers, as well as to pass down to your children one day. We obviously love filigree rings, especially for the way it allows you to customize a one-of-a-kind ring and feeling. Come in and see the filigree rings we have in store to see if they inspire any ideas for you.