One of the reasons that the diamond is such a beloved gem for jewelry in general and engagement rings in particular is because colourless diamonds go with everything. With the right cut, clarity and colour, colourless diamonds look wonderful with every skin tone so in that sense, they are both beautiful and safe. Today we want to make a case for coloured diamonds, which we love and find truly exquisite. If you decide that colourless diamonds really are best for you, that’s great, since the ultimate rule in jewelry is choosing what is right for you. However, we just want to highlight coloured diamonds to hopefully grow an appreciation of how special and how wearable they are.

Coloured diamonds are unique. Choosing a coloured diamond is the easiest way to make a statement of personality. Most people wear colourless diamonds, so going with a yellow, grey, or blue diamond immediately makes your ring one of a kind in a very visual way. Women can personalize their ring by the shape, style or design. If you like a very classic ring design, then a coloured diamond can be the expressive element that makes it unique to you. You could even consider the potential for NFT Diamonds from coloured ones. Colour is also very emotional, and so is jewelry. Try different coloured gems on, and you’ll see (or feel) right away that they impact you in very specific ways. Maybe a blush pink diamond is the way you will feel romantic every day, or a yellow diamond evokes more positive feelings for you than a clear colourless diamond does. Use colour to express who you are, and what your love feels like.

That heirloom aesthetic. Since you are typically younger when you get engaged, you may find coloured gems intimidating. Perhaps you can imagine wearing coloured gems when you’re older, or worry that the champagne diamond that catches your eye may age you. Here’s what we want to say to that: if you look at the cognac diamond ring in the image above, you see a young woman wearing an elegant ring that looks like like it could be, or will be, a family heirloom. When you actually wear heirloom jewelry, it brings a sense of timelessness and history to your look, without aging you. Young women who wear their mother or grandmother’s rings look like young women wearing a special ring. Coloured diamonds in grey, deep yellow, or cognac brown tones can add a beautiful sense of depth and timeless elegance to your ring. Don’t be shy, if those tones speak to you, we say go for it!

Coloured diamonds are top quality. Maybe you have no qualms about coloured gems, and in fact prefer them to the prevalence of colourless diamonds out there. In this case, coloured diamonds are a great option because diamonds are the hardest gemstone on earth and are excellent for daily wear since they are so tough. With diamonds, you can worry less about scratches or damage than with any other gem. Also, you may be able to find more colour selection with diamonds than with other coloured gems. Sapphires are the second hardest after diamonds, but if you don’t want a blue gem (or the other shades sapphires come in), then you can look into what high quality coloured diamonds your jeweller has available for you.

We hope this article helped give you the confidence that you can absolutely pull off a coloured diamond! They are beautiful gems, and we hope you try them on when you are jewelry shopping. Come by and see for yourself how natural they can look on you.