We are only a couple of weeks away from Mother’s Day and as you begin to shop for your mom or the mother-figures in your life, here are some tips to keep in mind. Mother’s Day gifts can range from a high tea to a physical item like jewelry. Of course, we are biased, but we see jewelry to be a fail-safe way to express to someone how beautiful they are to you. If your mom has been wearing the same pieces for years, or you want to celebrate a close friend or sister who is a first-time mother, or want to treat your wife for having made a tough year of motherhood an example of why you love her, jewelry is something that can show her how much you value her.

  1. Ask her what part of her body she really loves right now or what jewelry she has never worn but has always eyed. Our taste in jewelry evolves, just like our bodies do, so when you are gift shopping, don’t assume that you should choose another bracelet because she always wears bracelets. A conversation is the best way to learn what gift will really bring her excitement right now. If you want the gift to be a surprise, learn this information by casually commenting that you notice she has always worn heavier earrings, and ask if she has ever tried studs. Or mention that you notice she hasn’t been wearing jewelry lately, is it because her pieces are more substantial and she doesn’t have any light and delicate jewelry that suits everyday wear? Or you can ask her partner or other close friends for more gift-detective work!
  2. Create light by considering what will brighten her skin, or the colours that she tends to wear. This may not be an obvious jewelry shopping check point, but it can be helpful to envision the effect of how the jewelry will look on her – both in daylight and indoors. Picking jewelry that interacts well with light will bring a playful brightness to her. Choose a shade of gold that will look youthful on her, or use a gem that reflects light or brings out her eye colour.
  3. Ask yourself what her jewelry personality is. Does she like wearing jewelry every single day, only on weekends, or is it reserved for special occasions? If she is a woman who only wears her wedding ring and does not often wear jewelry even if she loves it, perhaps a broach that will suit her favourite coat will be a creative way to give her a gift that she will see often but not wear on her body. If she wants to or would wear jewelry more than she currently does, definitely go for something clean and classic that can blend into her everyday life. Tiny yellow gold hoop earrings will be sure to make her smile every time she glimpses them in the mirror.

We hope these three tips are helpful for you to choose the perfect personal gift that will show her you really know and appreciate her.