Did anyone else swap out their winter closet items for their spring/summer items this past weekend? As we are preparing our homes, our cars or our diet and exercise routines for a brighter and warmer season, we were thinking about how this applies to our jewelry collections as well. We are firm believers that jewelry is an everyday personal expression of identity, and that the pieces you own should be lifetime staples. Still, we are seasonal by nature, and wonder whether you also feel like lightening up through your jewelry choices this spring.

Winter Jewelry

It makes sense that in the fall and winter we are drawn to rich jewel tones and heavier rings or necklaces. Like piling on blanket scarves, thicker jewelry in the cold months can serve as our personal armor. We engage with the beauty of the cozier months through more substantial jewelry. In the same vein, our aesthetic expressions and cravings shift with the arrival of lighter fabrics, longer daylight hours, more time outdoors and more social engagements.

Summer Jewelry

Now that winter hibernation is over, let’s decorate our bare arms with delicate yellow gold and white gold bangles that lightly clink against each other musically as we move. Our necks that aren’t hidden under scarves can show off thin gold necklaces. Our more colorful spring nail polish can be brightened by rings we wear. Try putting on some of the lighter and thinner pieces in your jewelry collection to see if they are the accessories that best represent how you want to feel and look this season.

As always with jewelry, we encourage you to find what is personal and authentic to you. Maybe you’ll continue to wear your large sapphire ring but keep your earrings and necklaces smaller, or maybe wearing your colored gems will feel more lively and you will choose your colorful jewelry regardless of size and weight. Perhaps your assessment of your collection will help you realize that it’s time to sell or gift old pieces and bring new jewelry into the mix. However you enjoy expressing your love of self and life this spring, have a playful and beautiful time doing so!

Need some advise about what the 2016 summer jewelry trends? Contact our experts at MJ Jewellers.