The birthstone for May babies is one of our absolute favourites (and no, we don’t say this about every gem), so we are excited to share about it today and hopefully get you to fall a little more in love with it too! Out of all gemstones, there are only four that are considered precious gemstones: the emerald, diamond, sapphire, and ruby. The emerald is the most beautiful and valuable stone of the beryl gems.

The story of the emerald is as remarkable as the gem itself: it is a gem that only exists because of the literally world-shifting reasons. Beryl gems (which emeralds belong to) are naturally colourless until the combination with other elements give it colour. The green that emeralds are known for are come from elements in the earth’s core that are not close to each other and only came into contact due to tectonic processes and changes in the earth. These beautiful gems only exist due to chromium and vanadium finding each other from very different places in the earth’s crust.

Emeralds from Zimbabwe date back 2600 million years, making them some of the oldest gems in the world. We know that emeralds have been well-loved since Ancient Egypt, and that they have been popular in every culture, region, and generation. Since this gem has been so special throughout history, it has become as rich and deep in meaning as it is in colour. The vibrant stone has clearly drawn out many life-giving qualities and associations for its owners and admirers. Emeralds represent renewal, hope, intuition, and love. It is believed to carry healing energy and strength to both individuals and relationships.

Emerald Gem

The emerald is in part so coveted because high-quality emeralds are limited and in high demand. Emeralds are more than 20 times rarer than diamonds. In fact, the value of the emerald is continuing to grow as more and more people are looking to acquire these precious gems, and the best quality emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds.. Its intense and captivating green tones have made the emerald a gemstone that has been literally worshiped and widely coveted by the most powerful leaders and famous gem lovers, from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection to celebrities on the red carpet.

While emeralds do come in lighter shades, it is the deep green that is most beloved. It is flattering on all skin tones, and you can use white or yellow gold to bring out different tones in the gem or in your skin-tone. Try wearing emeralds flanked by bright diamonds and white gold for a fresh and unique look on your finger, in yellow gold studs to bring a touch of elegance to your earlobes, or put it center stage as a necklace at your collarbone.

If you are a May baby, your birthstone is certainly an elegant and unique one. This is one gem that we would recommend for everyone’s collection, and it’s a sure bet as a gift.

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