Now that we are entering the holidays, we are all thinking about thoughtful gifts and researching to make sure we are making wise decisions about the things we are choosing to purchase for ourselves and for our loved ones. Buying fine jewelry is a definite investment, so we thought we would share three ways to cut down your research time, and help you feel informed and confident in the jewelry you consider.

1.) Save time & take advantage of the experts. Fine jewelry stores often have a registered gemologist on hand, so instead of spending hours online reading up on different gems and grades and characteristics, just ask the people who have have taken courses and made a career out of their gem knowledge. If the owner(s) are in store when you stop by, they are also great resources since they often go to conventions, conferences and travel to source the quality of gems they want. They are well educated on how to shop for high quality gems since they themselves do it all the time. Also, asking in person allows you to see the gems for yourself so that you don’t spend time researching gems that once you see up close, realize isn’t what you want.

2.) Ask what factors affect the pricing. The reason there may be a range in prices of diamonds or emerald jewelry that you look at is that a number of factors determine the value and final pricing. Ask your jeweller what those factors are, and then ask yourself what is important to you. For instance, the cost of a diamond is determined by colour, clarity, cut, carat, fluoresce or shape. If it’s all about the sparkle for you, let your jeweller know that so that they can online gambling show you their top recommended diamonds that reflect the most light and colour. Or, if you know that you want high quality but low maintenance, ask for gems with high hardness and durability. Ask if the gem you’re considering has been treated (for example, even natural gemstones are enhanced by heat to bring out the colour), how much it’s been treated, and whether this affects the price. Ask to see the difference between a natural gemstone and a synthetic one. If you like the look of both, you can choose the more affordable option.

3.) Acknowledge the type of shopper you are. Knowing how you are wired will help you plan a more balanced and stress-free shopping strategy. For example, if you tend to want to know everything before you make a big purchase, but also find this draining, set limits. You can stay focused by letting your jeweller know you only want to learn the top three things that are important to look for when buying sapphire earrings. This will save your mental energy from thinking about a hundred small details. If you are a cautious or anxious shopper, learn the pros and cons and then give yourself some time to not obsess over it. Go do something else, then come back and ask yourself, “Knowing the main facts, do I love this?” It is always most important that you love it!

We hope this gives you a great foundation to shop for beautiful fine jewelry like a pro!