We’ve entered those transition weeks where the golden glow of summer is turning into the crisp coolness of fall. It’s inspired our topic for today: gold. We talk a lot about the meaning behind gems, such as what each month’s birthstone represents, and why diamonds are such and enduring symbol for love and marriage as something beautiful that forms (rather than breaks) under pressure. Since gold and gems go hand in hand, we will talk about gold today.

Gold has been the enduring standard for world currency, quality and value. Even in our language and culture, gold is typically synonymous for best. This is in part due to it being an excellent material that resists deterioration, making it a stable and reliable measure for  lasting and transferable value. Gold is a highly liquid commodity, since it is internationally valued and can be easily tested for purity anywhere in the world. Of course, there’s more to it, but you get the gist. The term “gold standard” will continue to hold strong in our culture because gold itself will. You can rest assured that any gold jewelry you invest in will be worth handing down for generations to come.

Here are some other golden tidbits you may be interested in:

  • 24k gold is pure 100% gold.
  • 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy metals (which help give the gold structure).
  •  A lot of fine jewelry will be made in 18k gold since 24k gold is softer and more prone to damage. 18k is better suited for daily wear.
  • 14k gold is 58% gold and 42% alloy metals.
  • At MJ Jewellers, we use 19k white gold, which includes a small percentage of nickel, making it strong for everyday wear. We do not use rhodium plating, which wears down over time. Instead, we allow the colour and beauty of the white gold to carry each piece we create.
  • 18k rose gold contains copper as part of its alloy metals.
  • There’s such a thing as green gold! It contains silver.

Keep in mind that gold items that are can be produced in bulk (a standard design that a store always carries, such as a popular gold-link bracelet) can be more affordable than a gold item that is custom. In such cases, it isn’t just about the amount of pure gold but also the individual labour and cost that goes into designing, casting, polishing and customizing a unique item.

Speaking of unique items, the gold cuff bracelet featured with this post is one of our most beloved custom pieces at MJ Jewellers. The hand-carved engraving adds texture and personality, while the wide gold band adds a bold assurance to any outfit. Note how well it works as a bright summer piece with a classic white top and complimentary yellow skirt. At the same time, this yellow gold cuff will go well with transition knits, bring warmth to Breton stripes or the staple neutrals of Vancouverite wardrobes. Come on in and see this special cuff bracelet (as well as its white gold and silver version), along with our other gold designs.