The brooch is one of the oldest and most charming pieces of jewelry. It was worn as early as the Bronze age, and can range in many styles from Celtic brooches to hair brooches to gem-adorned brooches. The perfect blend of function and personal adornment, brooches can be used to secure a scarf, add colour and sparkle at the throat of a button-up shirt, or elevate a neutral jacket or coat.

One of the reasons brooches are so perfect for fall/winter outfits is because the bright sparkle of gold, crystal or rich-coloured gems that are often characteristic of brooches is a beautiful way to contrast knits and other fabrics of colder weather. When we are drawn to soft and comfortable materials, the materials used in brooches are an easy way to keep your outfit sophisticated and refined. You can feel like you’re swaddled in blankets all day in your wool, cashmere and luxe cottons while the simple addition of a brooch keeps you looking sharp.

Brooches are the most under-the-radar jewelry to the general public while being consistently appealing to top fashion designers, style enthusiasts and royal families around the world. The Fall 2016 runway shows had Prada and Balenciaga as just 2 of more major fashion houses showcasing what brooches add to an outfit. French Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) also highlight the resurgence and undeniable beauty of the brooch, from glamorous Swarovski crystal brooches to Chanel’s timeless lace-inspired brooches.

Despite the attention and press that the brooch is receiving as a top fall jewelry trend, the reason we love and recommend it so highly is that there is something so inherently anti-trend about it. Brooches carry a heirloom status because whether their design is classic elegance, feminine and whimsical, or chic and minimalist, they are always worth wearing over decades and generations and worthy of being passed down. If you are looking for a unique gift, the brooch is excellent for the stylish lady you have in mind, whether she loves vintage, modern or comfortable street-wear. Come by and see all the different types of brooches we have in store!