We have to say, April babies, you were born on a good month. Gem lovers can definitely see the unique beauty in all kinds of gems, but the diamond definitely has a special cultural significance for us all. If the diamond is your birthstone, you have all the more reason to experience this stone beyond an engagement gem (and of course, it is so much more than that). You can be creative with diamonds that you purchase for yourself: a row of diamond studs on one ear, a yellow diamond ring for your index finger, or a tiny diamond on a gold bangle.

April birthstone color

Those shopping for a special April baby in their lives can also be creative with types of jewelry or the color of the diamond. For example, you could commission a custom key-ring set with a simple diamond, which is also a great gift option for a male. Keep in mind that you can work with different professionals and businesses when you are personalizing a gift for yourself or for someone else. For example, you can work with a jeweler to source the individual diamond(s), which you can bring to a watchmaker if you wanted to have a small diamond added to a watchband – or perhaps vice versa, you could bring the watch to the jeweler. Just ask different artisans and businesses what your options are, and what they have experience and confidence in doing for you.

Dimond shapes and styles

The great thing about the timeless quality of diamonds is that it is a gem that can grow with you through different stages of your life and evolving taste in jewelry. They can be worn as simple single studs in children, combined with the first initial in a young woman’s gold pendant, shaped into flower earrings for more feminine personalities, incorporated into larger costume jewelry for a bolder person, or worn in simple gold stacking rings for everyday beauty. Whatever age you are celebrating this month, we wish you a sparkling birthday that is as special as your birthstone.