The Art Deco love holds strong as the resurgence of The Great Gatsby’s popularity in recent years makes way for upcoming Zelda Fitzgerald films. Zelda was a beloved style icon who was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, two cultural figures who personify the flapper generation of the 1920s. This period is continually looked to for its lasting and distinctively elegant style, and the cocktail ring is one of the most eye-catching pieces of jewelry associated with this era.

The story behind the cocktail ring is a great one since it features ladies who live by the law of a good time. See, the name behind the cocktail ring refers to the drinking made illegal by the Prohibition. People who drank cocktails anyway did so with obvious swagger, and a drink was a symbol of privilege. Women would wear rings as sparkling and alluring as possible to make holding a cocktail even more glamorous. The trend of large beautiful rings that were as desired as a good cocktail at that time led to the name cocktail ring.

Prohibition is long gone, but cocktails, cocktail parties, and cocktail rings will continue to last – good things always do! Post-Prohibition, the cocktail ring became go-to jewelry to wear to parties and events, though you can really wear it anytime of day or night. How you choose to wear your cocktail ring can take on a contemporary approach with meaning that is more relevant to you. Cocktail rings are essentially statement rings that feature a large precious gem and set in gold or platinum band. Pave diamonds traditionally surrounded the central gem, but other gems can also be used. However, you can choose a design and look that makes your own statement. If you love the boldness of a larger gem but don’t want your cocktail ring to be flashy, you can still go minimalist by choosing a smooth white gold band and a single feature gemstone, or perhaps two simple diamonds on either side.

Remember, the cocktail ring was all about celebration, and we are sure you have much to celebrate besides a good drink. Since the feature gem is a substantial size and your eye will always land on it when it is worn, the cocktail ring can be a perfect symbol that you put on every day to celebrate or remember something or someone personal and special to you. Many customers like the cocktail ring as an anniversary or birthday gift, or you can wear the birthstone of your mother, father or loved one. It’s also a great gift to yourself if you want to wear a visual reminder of self-care by choosing a gemstone that symbolizes strength, mental clarity or calmness.

We have some gorgeous cocktail rings in store, featuring diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and more. Which gem would you choose to feature in your cocktail ring?