We admit it. We’re maximalists. Yes, quality over quantity is our core philosophy, but the only thing better than one high quality gem is multiple high quality gems, right? Plus, this month, November babies are so fabulous that they are represented by not one but two gorgeous gems. It is common for months to have more than one birthstone, but there tends to be a dominant gem associated with each month. November, however, has us eager to share about both. The topaz and citrine are November’s birthstones, and the reason they are both so closely tied to this month is because for a long time, they were mistaken as being the same gemstone.

Topaz and citrines both come in gorgeous yellow to golden shades, and used to be mixed up as the same. The topaz has historically been synonymous with yellow gems. Any yellow jewel was believed to be a topaz. In reality, pure topazes are clear and can come in any colour. Citrines, on the other hand, only come in yellow shades. When looking at pale yellow topazes and citrines, they can look remarkably similar, but their chemical makeup is different.

Beyond yellow, one of the most coveted hues is the Imperial Topaz, which is a deep orange with noticeable pink tinges to it. Blue topazes and golden yellows to browns are also very popular topaz colours. We are also happy to recommend the topaz as a great gem for frequent or everyday fine jewelry, since it a durable stone that will not easily scratch or chip.

As for the citrine, this beautiful quartz tells the story of its appeal in its name. The name of these gems refer to citron fruit since citrine gems are all light yellow to brownish orange. Similar to the topaz, which scores an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, citrines are also tough, with a rating of 7. You can wear citrine jewelry comfortably, without having to worry about it getting easily damaged.

Besides both being absolutely exquisite, the topaz and citrine are also both believed to have calming, positive energies. The citrine in particular represents healing and is said to replace negative feelings with the confidence to move forward into new and good things.

In this spirit, let us celebrate this month, those born in it, and the new and good things it holds for us all.