One of the best ways to have a daily connection with your jewelry connection is to have it beautifully displayed in a style that expresses who you are. For example, if you find clutter stressful and breathe better when everything is off the surface counters, then storing your jewelry on top of your dresser where you constantly see it is not for you. Today, we will go over some different display methods to give you new ideas on what you can try. Finding a way to store and display your jewelry beautifully lets you enjoy them with your eyes, and keep the choices you have top of mind. Here are three tips to consider.

1)      Location. Perhaps the best way for your jewelry storage to work for you is to put it in a place that complements your morning routine. Just because you see pictures of everybody storing their jewelry in their bedroom doesn’t mean you have to. If your last steps of getting ready take place in the bathroom, create a space on your bathroom counter for your everyday pieces to be displayed on a necklace and ring stand, and keep the rest of your collection in a nearby bathroom drawer. If you don’t find that your space works, find ways to use your space differently, especially wall space. Create a display and storage area by adding antlers to the wall, or add a piece of wood or mirror that can hinge and cover a wall display of hooks for your jewelry.

2)      Selection. There’s no need to get overwhelmed by thinking you need to put it all out there. If you have more jewelry to display than room or desire to, you can choose specific items to display. Options are to curate seasonal pieces that you will wear more with the outfits, weather, or events during certain months, and keep the rest stored away. You can also have a monthly rotation of constant favourites that you update according to mood. Pair a new habit like this with paying monthly bills to help remind you to do it and to give you a fun errand along with your routine ones. That’s the whole point: to wear your jewelry intentionally and with fresh eyes. Perhaps you will find that you have more selection than you need, and can use this as an opportunity to give or sell to others.

3)      Display Method. However much of your collection you choose to have shown, find a method that shows off your jewelry and complements your home and personality. Keep it simple with clear lucite trays, invest in velvet lined wooden boxes, or get creative with your china, old picture frames or fake tree branches hung on the wall. However, it is also important that you don’t force a method that really doesn’t work for you. If you have more necklaces than rings, then using teacups as jewelry display isn’t the best functional method, even if you find it beautiful. Experiment until you find a method that clicks, and you will definitely feel excited to see and put on your jewelry.

We hope this has gotten your organizational and DIY ideas flowing! Remember to enjoy your jewelry both when it’s on and off your body.