Gift shopping in general is difficult because regardless of how much research and thoughtfulness you put in, there’s always the element of guesswork. When it comes to looking for mothers day gift ideas and finding the perfect gift, that’s a whole unique category of gift-giving that can feel similar to a cross between mindreading and ninja training. Here are two general mom statements that we ninja shoppers must combat in order to get to our goal: a genuine surprised smile on her face this Sunday.

“No, nothing, I don’t need anything!” Either she loves anything you get her just because it’s from you, or she insists you don’t have to get her anything. Either way, this statement doesn’t give you much direction. Of course, we all agree that the relationship is what really matters, and spending time with your mother (or mother of your lovely children) will always be worth more than anything else. But even though she may not need anything doesn’t change the fact that you want to give her something beautiful. The reason you probably love giving her a tangible symbol of your love is because she does tangible things every day. She may even be cooking for the family dinner this weekend and cleaning up after her own celebration. Our suggestion is not to overthink and over-stress about it. Small gold hoops or emerald stud earrings can be small and subtle symbols she can wear everyday to remember you appreciate every little thing she does and says.

“Just time with you, and a family meal will be great.” Well you’re going to give her time for sure, but you want to give her something that will make her feel loved in the moments that you’re not right beside her. And what could be better than some personalized mother’s day gifts which would remind her of you every time she looks at them or makes use of them.
Moreover, as you get older, and would be needed to stay away from her for long periods of time, you are coming to appreciate even more how much she gives to make each person in your family feel cared for. Another great way to choose a gift that says you want to keep getting to know her as both an individual and someone who values family is to choose a gem that has meaning to her family heritage, or to a relative who is special to her. Look into her family tree (if you don’t know where to start with this, why not try these out and see where you go from there), and find out if there is a gemstone that is particular to the region that her parents are from, then create a custom design that suits her personal taste and style. If she’s been wearing a jade bangle from her mother for decades, refresh her love for the gem by giving her a jade necklace in a simple and modern design.

We hope these two gift planning approaches have been helpful! It’s not an easy feat to spoil the mothers in our lives as well as they spoil us, but we hope this article has helped give you ideas on how to be thoughtful for this coming weekend, and many more Mother’s Days to come.