We wish we could poll this, but we wonder if men ever think about the wedding band design they want before they get engaged. Perhaps there is a passing thought if they see a friend’s new wedding band? Regardless of gender, we definitely think everyone can benefit from some tips when choosing a wedding ring. Below, we go over some questions men might have when narrowing down their wedding ring design. Perhaps you haven’t considered these points before, and we do hope you find our feedback helpful.

  • I want something simple and classic but a bit more interesting than just a plain band. What design options can I consider?

You can make a simple band more interesting by adding a textured finish. Look at some rings with a sandbrushed or hammered finish and see if either of those work with your style and aesthetic. Another design choice to consider is to add a beveled edge for some dimension. Finally, we would recommend a classic band design using two different shades of gold. Create a two-toned ring that is half rose gold and half white gold, or half yellow gold and half white gold. This is a great option if your fiancé’s ring will be rose or yellow gold and you want to match hers but your watch, jewelry and style goes well with white gold.

  • What’s the difference between platinum and gold, and why would I choose one over the other for my wedding band?

Platinum is heavier whereas gold is lighter. Swing by a jewelry shop and try on similar bands in both materials to feel the difference on your finger. You may not know you have a preference until you feel it on your hand. Besides weight, budget is also a factor in your choice. Gold is more cost efficient, so if you really love platinum you will have to weigh out the cost against the importance of this piece of jewelry. If you like both and your budget allows for either, we suggest that you go with the same (or similar) metal as your fiancé’s ring.

  • How should I decide the width and thickness of my ring? I’ve never worn jewelry or rings before.

Choose the width of your ring based on the length of your fingers. You want to gauge by the distance between your knuckle to the first joint on your finger. More simply: if you have longer fingers, choose a wider band. If you have shorter fingers, choose a thinner band. We usually suggest going with a men’s band that is 5mm or wider. This gives the ring a bit more substance and will look more proportionate to most men’s hands. When the band is thinner, the ring can look lost on larger hands, or have a delicate appearance. Final point to keep in mind: men’s rings also look thinner when designed with a dome.

  • My fiance’s wedding band will be smooth/shiny gold, which I like…but I also like the textured hammered look. How should I pick between the two?

Take your time, and be patient to try on the two different finishes to see if this will help you start to lean towards one more than the other. In the end, we always say to follow your gut because you are the one wearing this ring. A question you can ask yourself is if you can confidently see yourself liking one of these finishes every day for the long term. If you want our advice, we say to go with the smooth/shiny finish because over time, you will add texture to it with the scratches and texture that will come with daily wear. This way you can choose not to buff the scratches away and eventually end up with a more textured ring.

  • When I try the ring on, how snug should it be?

You want your ring to be snug enough so that it takes a bit of effort to remove. If the ring is too loose, there is a chance it can fall off if your hands are cold or wet (ie. honeymoon ocean swims!). The key is choosing a size where the ring can pass over your knuckle, but only when you are the one pulling or pushing it past the knuckle. Your ring should be comfortable on your hand, where you can bend your fingers easily without feeling restriction from the ring.

  • I work with my hands a lot in my industry. Does this make a difference in what material or design I should choose? Or should I just take my ring off when I’m working?

If you have a job where you work with your hands, it may be a good idea to remove your ring during the work day to prevent any safety hazards. If safety and discomfort is not an issue for you, then we would suggest going with a platinum wedding band. Platinum is more resistant to wear over time, so this can help you maintain the appearance and condition of your ring. Choosing a high-polished finish is also a good trick for a men’s ring that may be exposed to a lot of contact, since it will automatically give you a luxurious classic look while being low maintenance.

If you have any questions that we did not cover in this post, please share in the comments and we’ll be happy to reply. Better yet, come on in for a visit and see our best options for men’s wedding rings.