Custom jewelry can mean anything from creating something completely from scratch; to knowing the style and gem you want (vintage, sapphire); to finding something you love and asking for minor adjustments (gem size, more diamonds on the band, square cushion cut instead of princess cut, prong setting for the central gemstone). Creating a custom piece of jewelry is one of the best ways to make it even more meaningful: it is specially tailored for the recipient. Whether you’ve considered going this route before or not, we are sharing a few points that will hopefully give you helpful information to make decisions you can be confident and excited about.

1. Custom jewelry isn’t necessarily more expensive. It’s a common assumption that custom work will put your jewelry at a significantly higher price point. Good news: this isn’t true. It all depends on what you want and what gems are going into your jewelry. If you are using multiple top-grade diamonds, your ring will cost more because of the diamond quality. If you see a sample in our showroom but want a version with a smaller/different gem but more intricacy in the band, your price may be less or similar because of the detailed work added. Just as often, customers will like an in-store item (or bring in an image they’ve found) and ask for a custom version of something similar but smaller or simpler. These custom pieces end up costing less than the original. Ultimately, asking your jeweller for a custom design will not cost more because it is “custom.” It is most important that you get something you absolutely love, so we hope knowing that customizing isn’t out of your budget is helpful for your research process.

2. “So, where do I start?” Considering custom jewelry doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We encourage you to trust your instincts and judgement. How you naturally go about projects or planning probably gives you an idea how you can approach custom jewelry design. You may like to do a bit of research (yes, bring in your Pinterest and Instagram finds!), then talk to a few jewellers to get more information, and proceed from there. Or you may want to start with visiting some jewellers to get a starting point, research on your own, then go back with more specific ideas. If you have limits on your time, or do not want to be involved in every step of the creative process, you can let your jeweller know the parameters you are sure about, and ask them to create some sketches for you to choose and edit from. On the other end, if you have a lot of inspirations, keep the conversation focused by sorting it out first, before telling your jeweller all the things you love. If you love Art Deco and sometimes modern, and diamonds but also emeralds, and yellow gold but own a lot of silver and white gold…start by narrowing down what you want for this specific piece.

3. Communicate clearly. When you find a jeweller you are comfortable with, treat it like a partnership and don’t hesitate to state your thoughts, questions and boundaries clearly. When you begin, maybe all you know is what style you don’t want. Say so. It helps your jeweller recommend something you may like. If you can’t see the difference between two different grades of a diamond, and would rather keep your cost lower, say so. You’re allowed to set and prioritize your budget. If you bring in three pictures of inspiration, articulate to your jeweller exactly what you like about each picture (the sparkle of Diamond #1, the band on Diamond #2, the halo on Diamond #3). Do not be shy about asking questions, double checking that you and your jeweller are on the same page, and taking the time to get the design right. You should be happy with the final result, and open conversation along the way will help ensure that.

Custom jewelry is truly special, and if you consider it for a special occasion, we hope this helps!