In the same way that bright whites and vivid colours look great in the summer, rich jewel colours are the right way to complement your skin and wardrobe in the Fall and Winter months. It is always about playing with contrast and light. While a deeper tan can carry the sharper whites, colours and playful patterns of summer, you can use the rich tones from gems like sapphires, amethysts and garnets to bring more depth and warmth to your complexion.

While diamonds and pearls universally look good on every skin tone, so do coloured gems. Vibrant hues from black opals or rubies are an excellent way to bring some life to your fall and winter wardrobe. If you open your closet to the city uniform colours of grey, dark grey and charcoal (gold star if you get this reference), then you can see our point for how deep blue sapphires and olive-green peridots are the perfect way to keep your look alive.

Bolder colours in your jewelry allow you to wear cream sweaters and jeans or black on black every day without losing that touch of something unexpected. Jewel tones in your accessories also help keep seasonal depression at bay. Remember: colour is incredibly emotional. This is why women can feel bolder by putting on bright red lipstick and men wear colourful stripes in their ties or socks to add personality. When you’ve lost count of how many days in a row it’s been grey and rainy, it helps to slip on a royal-blue tanzanite cocktail ring every morning, put on cheerful pink pearl earrings, or enjoy seeing the emerald green brooch on the lapel of the black wool coat you wear every day. Literally adding colour to your daily routine can’t help but make you and everyone who sees you feel better. Try it and see!

Consider, too, what wearing coloured gems can communicate in your professional and personal life. It definitely takes confidence and having a point of view to wear a large amethyst pendent necklace or signature sapphire earrings. Fine jewelry expresses to yourself and to others that you take yourself seriously and know your value. Coloured gems only bring a joyful beauty to this statement. A fall and winter season with joyful beauty in blues, green, reds and purples? We say yes, yes, yes and yes!