There couldn’t be a more beautiful gemstone to welcome and represent September than the sapphire. The sapphire gets its name from the Greek word for blue, and the way it shows off the colour, no wonder it’s often the first blue gemstone that people think of. Sapphires can range in colour and shade, with rich deep blue being a favourite hue among jewelry lovers. Of course, we always encourage people to choose jewelry according to personal preference. Sapphires are also exquisite in other colours, and you may find that you like this gem in pink, yellow, green, or purple, Some very unique versions change colours in different lights, and others are colourless.

After the diamond, the sapphire is our top recommendation for engagement rings. One big reason for this is because it is extremely tough and durable, just like the diamond, and is perfect for daily wear. The diamond is the hardest natural gem on earth, and the sapphire is the second hardest. The sapphire is the most valuable of any blue gemstone after a blue diamond; and high quality sapphires holds its high value throughout time. The deeper and richer the colour, the more expensive the stone tends to be.

The symbolism for the sapphire includes heaven, honesty, loyalty, trust, and purity (couples love using an engagement or wedding band gemstone that represents these qualities). For those buying sapphires as a gift for loved ones, it also represents protection for your loved one. The sapphire definitely makes for a stunning statement gem that is popularly paired with diamonds in rings and necklaces. It also is an excellent choice for an accent gem to bring depth and elegance to a jewelry piece.

One of the most captivating qualities of the sapphire is that is is pleochroic, meaning that its colour intensity looks different when seen from different angles. This makes the gem even more layered, eye catching and unique. The ways that the sapphire can be worn in jewelry is endless. It can be both simple and stunning as stud earrings because it goes well with all skin tones and hair colours. It is heirloom-worthy as an engagement ring, wedding band or cocktail ring. Sapphires can be an absolute show-stopper as a necklace pendant surrounded by diamonds or ropes of pearls (or both). You really can’t go wrong with a sapphire, since precious gems never go out of style, and this gem will only grow with you in beauty.

How would you wear a sapphire on yourself? Set in a ring, earrings or a necklace? How would you gift it to someone? For ideas, come by and see some ways this blue stunner can be worn alone or combined with other gems.