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Classic Men’s Wedding Bands

We have talked in the past about some ways men can approach making decisions about the style and design of their wedding band. Besides considering options like mixed metals and mixed textures, there are other ways for you grooms to make sure you are choosing a wedding ring design you will love. While your wardrobe... [...]

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2016 09 MJ-2467

Opal: The October Birthstone

The October birthstone is perfect for anyone who has a hard time deciding because they genuinely like and appreciate beauty in all its variation. The opal is a unique gemstone and birthstone that literally means “to see a change of colour.” You can find opals ranging in colour from white to black, accented by firey... [...]

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Why You Should Consider a Filigree Ring

Filigree refers to jewelry that uses a metalworking technique to create intricate design on your jewelry piece. It can be a beautiful way to make your ring unique, and the added design to the band gives the jewelry a romantic aesthetic. Filigree rings can feature a variety of different design motifs. We can create designs... [...]

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A Case for Coloured Diamonds

One of the reasons that the diamond is such a beloved gem for jewelry in general and engagement rings in particular is because colourless diamonds go with everything. With the right cut, clarity and colour, colourless diamonds look wonderful with every skin tone so in that sense, they are both beautiful and safe. Today we... [...]

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The Gold Standard

We’ve entered those transition weeks where the golden glow of summer is turning into the crisp coolness of fall. It’s inspired our topic for today: gold. We talk a lot about the meaning behind gems, such as what each month’s birthstone represents, and why diamonds are such and enduring symbol for love and marriage as... [...]

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